The Ivory Shoals

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Airship XP Icon.pngThe Ivory Shoals
Subaquatic Deployment Sector
Possible Rewards
Item Quantity
Water Crystal Icon.png Water Crystal 37-38
Wind Crystal Icon.png Wind Crystal 28-36
Bamboo Weave Icon.png Bamboo Weave 10
Red Moko Grass Icon.png Red Moko Grass 24
Scarlet Sap Icon.png Scarlet Sap 14
Unaspected Crystal Icon.png Unaspected Crystal 4
Dexterity Materia II Icon.png Dexterity Materia II 15-16
Vitality Materia II Icon.png Vitality Materia II 17-18
Vitality Materia III Icon.png Vitality Materia III 18-19
Sector: A
Required Rank: 1
Ceruleum Cost: 1
EXP: 10,610