The Mystic Basin

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Airship XP Icon.pngThe Mystic Basin
Subaquatic Deployment Sector
Discovered via Offender's Rot
Possible Rewards
Item Quantity
Balsa Wood Scrap Icon.png Balsa Wood Scrap Information Needed
Black Clay Icon.png Black Clay Information Needed
Deep-red Cluster Icon.png Deep-red Cluster Information Needed
Earth Shard Icon.png Earth Shard Information Needed
Empty Crystal Icon.png Empty Crystal Information Needed
Faded Copy of Ambient Abyss Icon.png Faded Copy of Ambient Abyss Information Needed
Savage Aim Materia III Icon.png Savage Aim Materia III Information Needed
Savage Aim Materia IV Icon.png Savage Aim Materia IV Information Needed
Mind Materia III Icon.png Mind Materia III Information Needed
Sector: L
Required Rank: 24
Ceruleum Cost: 6
Difficulty: ★★★
EXP: 174,980