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|NPC Location =
|NPC Location =
|NPCs Involved = Prospective Poet, Leweralth, Valthewyl, Rae-qesh, Prospective Poet, Observant Octogenarian
|NPCs Involved = Leweralth, Valthewyl, Rae-Qesh
|Mobs Involved =
|Mobs Involved =
|Items Involved =
|Items Involved =

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Sidequest1 Icon.pngNew Lv. 70   The Poet Doesn't Know It
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
XP Gil
Expicon.png230,000-410,000 Gil Icon.png679
Informationicon.png Description
•Quest Sync
The prospective poet is in search of the proper inspiration.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
  • Question the residents of the Crystarium.
  • Speak with the prospective poet near the Crystalline Mean.
  • Speak with the prospective poet at the Catenaries.
Issuing NPC: Prospective Poet
The Crystarium -The Exedra  (12.4-8.9)
Type: Sidequests
Quest: Mainquest1 Icon.pngThe Unbroken Thread
Lore & Dialogue
Loremonger:The Poet Doesn't Know It
NPCs Involved: LeweralthValthewylRae-Qesh
Do you like poetry? This requires a sensitive soul.

...Apologies, I probably ought to provide context. I am composing a gift for my aged grandmother, who lost her sight some time ago. I wish to convey to her the endless beauty of the night sky─through verse!

To do so, however, I must explore the myriad emotions that that shimmering, inky expanse evokes in the heart─I'm sure you understand. Thus, I would beg you assist me in asking those of the Crystarium what the night sky means to them.
How does the night sky make me feel? Fascinated, mainly. It's a far sight different than what I had imagined in reading of it. Brighter and...closer, somehow. As if I could reach out and touch it.
The books do describe it as “breathtaking,” but...I know now that I never truly understood what that meant. Not until I saw it for myself.

I could scarce believe it, at first, that the night had returned. I stared upward, trying to burn it into my mind, wondering if it would disappear again. And then, I saw a star─I know not how else to describe it─fall. Astonishing!
After a time, I began to feel as if I might fall into it, you know. The sky. I wonder─if I did, would I shine as brightly as that star?
The night... It is a strange and wonderful thing. Were I to ride my amaro ever upward, I wonder, would I arrive amongst the stars? I think I should like to.
Perhaps we would simply fly forever, through the dark. I wouldn't mind that, either.
And? How did they speak of the night sky to you?

Oh, yes... That's good. I can feel the words stir within me!

I must recite this to my grandmother at once, whilst the image remains vivid in my mind. When you have a moment, might you come to the Catenaries and meet her? She's always so delighted by travelers' tales.
Now, this is a surprise.
This is the traveler I told you of, Grandmother. The one who assisted in finding inspiration for my poem!
And what a beautiful poem it was, so full of love and awe and hope.
Just as beautiful as the night sky that you returned to us, my dear, I'm sure.
That you─ What!?
You didn't notice, child? You need to truly see the world around you if you are to make a living as a poet...
You are the Warrior of Darkness! And I asked you for help with my poetry... Thank goodness I didn't insist upon reciting it to you─I might have died of shame just now.
Oh, you needn't be so dramatic. It really did turn out quite well─and now we've had this lovely chat. Isn't that right, my dear?
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