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|Enemies= Hadhayosh
|Enemies= Hadhayosh
|Element =  
|Element = Lightning
|Spawn Mob =  
|Spawn Mob = Lesser Void Dragon
|ElementalEXPReward = {{Information Needed}}
|ElementalEXPReward = {{Information Needed}}
|GilReward = {{Information Needed}}
|TomestoneReward = {{Information Needed}}
|ConditionalReward 1 = Pagos Lockbox
|ConditionalReward 1 = Pagos Lockbox

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060958.png Lv. 32   Third Impact    30m
Zone: Eureka Pagos - Agaric Rock  (31.4-19.0)
Some creatures live unusually long lives by identifying potential predators and avoiding confrontation. Some do so by obliterating all comers with a storm of fire and lightning called from the heavens. Hadhayosh is of the latter sort.
Experience Tomestone
Eureka XPInformation Needed Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Icon.pngInformation Needed
Conditional Reward
Pagos Lockbox Icon.png xInformation Needed Pagos Crystal Icon.png xInformation Needed 
World: Hydaelyn
Landmass: Othard
Region: ??? (Region)
Zone: Eureka Pagos
Area: Agaric Rock
Coordinates: 31.4-19.0
Level: 32
Type: Notorious Monster
Element: Lightning
Spawn Mob: Lesser Void Dragon