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LV Weapon Icon.png Shield Icon 2.png Head Icon.png Body Icon.png Hands Icon.png Waist Icon.png Legs Icon.png Feet Icon.png Neck Icon.png Ear Icon.png Wrist Icon.png Ring Icon.png Ring Icon.png
01 Leather Calot Icon.png Hempen Kurta Icon.png Hempen Halfgloves Icon.png Merchant's Purse Icon.png Hempen Breeches of Crafting Icon.png Maple Clogs Icon.png
05 Hempen Bandana Icon.png Hempen Chausses Icon.png Maple Pattens Icon.png
06 Hempen Shepherd's Tunic Icon.png Hempen Shortgloves Icon.png
08 Ring of Fortune Icon.png
09 Amateur's Kurta Icon.png Copper Choker Icon.png
10 Amateur's Headgear Icon.png Amateur's Smithing Gloves Icon.png Hard Leather Merchant's Pouch Icon.png Hempen Bottoms Icon.png Amateur's Thighboots Icon.png
12 Hempen Doublet Vest of Crafting Icon.png
15 Cotton Scarf Icon.png Cotton Shepherd's Tunic Icon.png Cotton Halfgloves Icon.png Cotton Chausses Icon.png Ash Pattens Icon.png Fang Earrings Icon.png
16 Brass Wristlets of Crafting Icon.png
18 Cotton Kurta Icon.png Goatskin Tool Belt Icon.png Brass Ring of Crafting Icon.png
19 Cotton Breeches of Crafting Icon.png Brass Choker Icon.png
20 Initiate's Headgear Icon.png Initiate's Gloves Icon.png Initiate's Thighboots Icon.png
21 Cotton Doublet Vest of Crafting Icon.png
23 Velveteen Bandana Icon.png
24 Initiate's Gown Icon.png Velveteen Halfgloves Icon.png Velveteen Chausses Icon.png Elm Pattens Icon.png
25 Silver Magnifiers Icon.png Flame Private's Gown Icon.png
Serpent Private's Coatee Icon.png
Storm Private's Apron Icon.png
Flame Private's Crakows Icon.png Horn Earrings Icon.png
26 Velveteen Coatee of Crafting Icon.png Silver Wristlets of Crafting Icon.png
27 Velveteen Wedge Cap of Crafting Icon.png Flame Private's Chausses Icon.png
Storm Private's Chausses Icon.png
Silver Ring of Crafting Icon.png
28 Velveteen Shortgloves Icon.png Velveteen Half Apron Icon.png 40px Velveteen Gaiters Icon.png
29 Velveteen Beret Icon.png Silver Choker Icon.png
30 Velveteen Gown Icon.png
31 Steel Goggles Icon.png Flame Private's Sarouel Icon.png
32 Velveteen Doublet Vest of Crafting Icon.png
33 Linen Halfgloves Icon.png Linen Chausses Icon.png Walnut Pattens Icon.png
34 Mythril Magnifiers Icon.png
35 Apprentice's Smock Icon.png Vintage Half Apron Icon.png Wolf Earrings Icon.png
36 Mythril Wristlets of Crafting Icon.png
37 Vintage Coatee Icon.png Vintage Chef's Belt Icon.png Mythril Ring of Crafting Icon.png
38 Linen Wedge Cap of Crafting Icon.png Linen Coatee of Crafting Icon.png Linen Shortgloves Icon.png Linen Half Apron Icon.png 40px Linen Gaiters Icon.png
39 Flame Sergeant's Shortgloves Icon.png
Serpent Sergeant's Shortgloves Icon.png
Storm Sergeant's Shortgloves Icon.png
Vintage Smithy's Gloves Icon.png
Mythril Choker Icon.png
40 Flame Sergeant's Apron Icon.png
Serpent Sergeant's Apron Icon.png
Storm Sergeant's Apron Icon.png
Vintage Chef's Apron Icon.png
41 Linen Deerstalker Icon.png
Vintage Chef's Hat Icon.png
Linen Smock Icon.png Boarskin Smithy's Gloves Icon.png Linen Slops Icon.png Boarskin Thighboots Icon.png
Vintage Thighboots Icon.png
42 Boarskin Tool Belt Icon.png
43 Woolen Beret Icon.png Woolen Gown Icon.png Woolen Halfgloves Icon.png Woolen Chausses Icon.png Oak Pattens Icon.png
Flame Sergeant's Crakows Icon.png
Serpent Sergeant's Crakows Icon.png
Storm Sergeant's Crakows Icon.png
44 Cobalt Preserves Icon.png
Flame Sergeant's Beret Icon.png
Serpent Sergeant's Beret Icon.png
Storm Sergeant's Beret Icon.png
Vintage Seneschal Coatee Icon.png Flame Sergeant's Sarouel Icon.png
Serpent Sergeant's Sarouel Icon.png
Storm Sergeant's Sarouel Icon.png
45 Red Coral Earrings Icon.png Flamebringer's Ring Icon.png
Serpentbringer's Ring Icon.png
Stormbringer's Ring Icon.png
46 Woolen Deerstalker Icon.png Woolen Smock Icon.png Raptorskin Smithy's Gloves Icon.png Raptorskin Artisan's Belt Icon.png Woolen Slops Icon.png Raptorskin Thighboots Icon.png Electrum Wristlets of Crafting Icon.png
47 Dodore Doublet Icon.png Electrum Ring of Crafting Icon.png
48 Felt Beret Icon.png Felt Gown Icon.png Felt Halfgloves Icon.png Raptorskin Merchant's Purse Icon.png Felt Chausses Icon.png Mahogany Pattens Icon.png
49 Electrum Choker Icon.png
50 Patrician's Wedge Cap Icon.png
Explorer's Calot Icon.png
Patrician's Coatee Icon.png Patrician's Gloves Icon.png Patrician's Bottoms Icon.png Patrician's Gaiters Icon.png Crimson Standard Earrings Icon.png
Lily and Serpent Earrings Icon.png
Tipping Scales Earrings Icon.png
AF AF AF Dodore Belt Icon.png AF AF Rose Gold Choker Icon.png Mosshorn Earrings Icon.png Militia Wristlets Icon.png Aetheryte Ring Icon.png
Artisan's Spectacles Icon.png Artisan's Gown Icon.png Artisan's Fingerstalls Icon.png Artisan's Chausses Icon.png Artisan's Pattens Icon.png
Artisan's Apron Icon.png Artisan's Mitts Icon.png Artisan's Culottes Icon.png Artisan's Sandals Icon.png
51 Mythrite Goggles of Crafting Icon.png Archaeoskin Jackcoat of Crafting Icon.png Archaeoskin Gloves of Crafting Icon.png Archaeoskin Breeches of Crafting Icon.png Archaeoskin Jackboots of Crafting Icon.png
52 Yeti Fang Earrings Icon.png Holy Cedar Ring Icon.png
53 Holy Rainbow Wedge Cap Icon.png Holy Rainbow Coatee Icon.png Holy Rainbow Gloves Icon.png Holy Rainbow Bottoms Icon.png Holy Rainbow Shoes Icon.png Holy Cedar Armillae Icon.png
54 Holy Rainbow Apron Icon.png Holy Cedar Necklace Icon.png
55 Ramie Turban of Crafting Icon.png Ramie Doublet of Crafting Icon.png Dhalmelskin Halfgloves of Crafting Icon.png Ramie Skirt Icon.png Dhalmelskin Shoes Icon.png
56 Hallowed Chestnut Ring Icon.png
57 Dragon Fang Earrings Icon.png
58 Adept's Hat Icon.png Adept's Gown Icon.png Adept's Gloves Icon.png Adept's Hose Icon.png Adept's Thighboots Icon.png Hallowed Chestnut Armillae Icon.png
59 Dragonskin Belt of Crafting Icon.png Hallowed Chestnut Necklace Icon.png
60 Chimerical Felt Turban of Crafting Icon.png Chimerical Felt Doublet of Crafting Icon.png Serpentskin Halfgloves of Crafting Icon.png Chimerical Felt Skirt Icon.png Serpentskin Shoes Icon.png
Sc Sc Sc Handmaster's Tool Belt Icon.png Sc Sc Handmaster's Necklace Icon.png Handmaster's Earrings Icon.png Handmaster's Armillae Icon.png Handmaster's Ring Icon.png
Carbonweave Cap of Crafting Icon.png Carbonweave Apron of Crafting Icon.png Carbonweave Sleeves of Crafting Icon.png Griffin Leather Tool Belt Icon.png Carbonweave Breeches of Crafting Icon.png Carbonweave Boots of Crafting Icon.png Astral Birch Necklace Icon.png Aurum Regis Earrings of Crafting Icon.png Astral Birch Armillae Icon.png Astral Birch Ring Icon.png
Ironworks Cap of Crafting Icon.png Ironworks Apron of Crafting Icon.png Ironworks Sleeves of Crafting Icon.png Ironworks Belt of Crafting Icon.png Ironworks Breeches of Crafting Icon.png Ironworks Boots of Crafting Icon.png Ironworks Necklace of Crafting Icon.png Ironworks Earring of Crafting Icon.png Ironworks Armillae of Crafting Icon.png Ironworks Ring of Crafting Icon.png
61 Bloodhempen Turban of Crafting Icon.png Bloodhempen Doublet of Crafting Icon.png Gaganaskin Halfgloves Icon.png Bloodhempen Skirt Icon.png Gaganaskin Shoes Icon.png
62 Ruby Cotton Apron Icon.png
63 Ruby Cotton Cap Icon.png Ruby Cotton Coatee Icon.png Gyuki Leather Gloves of Crafting Icon.png Ruby Cotton Bottoms Icon.png Gyuki Leather Shoes Icon.png Larch Necklace Icon.png Larch Earrings Icon.png Larch Bracelets Icon.png Larch Ring Icon.png
65 Kudzu Cap of Crafting Icon.png Kudzu Robe of Crafting Icon.png Durium Chaplets Icon.png Kudzu Culottes of Crafting Icon.png Tigerskin Boots of Crafting Icon.png
66 Serge Apron Icon.png
67 Persimmon Necklace Icon.png Persimmon Earrings Icon.png Persimmon Bracelets Icon.png Persimmon Ring Icon.png
68 Serge Turban of Crafting Icon.png Marid Leather Bolero of Crafting Icon.png Marid Leather Gloves of Crafting Icon.png 40px Marid Leather Babouches of Crafting Icon.png
70 Serge Knit Cap Icon.png Twinsilk Suspenders Icon.png Gazelleskin Gloves of Crafting Icon.png Twinsilk Apron Icon.png Cropped Twinsilk Slops Icon.png Gazelleskin Shoes Icon.png Zelkova Necklace Icon.png Zelkova Earrings Icon.png Zelkova Bracelets Icon.png Zelkova Ring Icon.png
Sc Sc Sc Sc Sc