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Scylla Walkthrough Section
Prior to engaging, it is recommended to focus target Scylla and apply the waymarks to the three pads.

During battle, players will randomly be tethered to the following:

Purple lightning orbs - These should be kited through one of the three lightning towers. This will apply "one stack" to that tower. Each lightning tower needs to receive three stacks to unlock the waymarked pads.

Light blue ice cubes - These chase the tethered player and will freeze the player upon contact. You cannot outrun the ice cubes, so position yourself to be frozen between Scylla and your team's pad.

Red fire orbs - These should be kited through a frozen player to thaw the player. The thawing process will leave behind a puddle.

Notes: Players kiting tethered orbs/cubes should avoid kiting through puddles. Fire orbs evaporate puddles, ice cubes freeze anyone touching the puddle, and lightning orbs will deal damage to anyone touching the puddle.

The puddles and the unlocked pads are used to block Scylla's two primary moves, Ancient Flare and Daybreak. Everyone should stack in a puddle during Ancient Flare to reduce the damage taken, and everyone should stack on their team's pad during Daybreak to block the move's alliance-wide petrification debuff.

Staff of Elderings spawn randomly and roam about the arena performing ring-AoE damage maneuvers. Ignore the staves and dodge the rings. If you wish to reduce the ring-AoE dodging part of the fight, you can kill the staves, but it will lengthen the fight.

The only adds that may require attention are the Dark General and Oceanus adds that spawn after Daybreak. If possible, pull those adds to Scylla and caster limit break them all down.

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Slay Scylla
 Phlegethon's Gauntlets Icon.png Phlegethon's Gauntlets
 Scylla's Gloves of Healing Icon.png Scylla's Gloves of Healing
 The Guardian's Tassets of Striking Icon.png The Guardian's Tassets of Striking
 The Guardian's Greaves of Maiming Icon.png The Guardian's Greaves of Maiming
 Scylla's Boots of Casting Icon.png Scylla's Boots of Casting
 The Guardian's Armguards of Striking Icon.png The Guardian's Armguards of Striking
 Phlegethon's Plate Belt Icon.png Phlegethon's Plate Belt
 Scylla's Belt of Healing Icon.png Scylla's Belt of Healing
 Amon's Boots Icon.png Amon's Boots