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==Nael deus Darnus  2==
<verbatim>Nael deus Darnus  2</verbatim>
<verbatim>Nael deus Darnus  2 Results</verbatim>
==Nael deus Darnus  1==
<verbatim>Nael deus Darnus  1</verbatim>
<verbatim>Nael deus Darnus  1 Results</verbatim>
==The Avatar 2==
==The Avatar 2==
<verbatim>The Avatar 2</verbatim>
<verbatim>The Avatar 2</verbatim>
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<verbatim>The Avatar 1</verbatim>
<verbatim>The Avatar 1</verbatim>
<verbatim>The Avatar 1 Results</verbatim>
<verbatim>The Avatar 1 Results</verbatim>
==Melusine 2==
==Melusine 2==

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Nael deus Darnus 2

<verbatim>Nael deus Darnus 2</verbatim> <verbatim>Nael deus Darnus 2 Results</verbatim>

Nael deus Darnus 1

<verbatim>Nael deus Darnus 1</verbatim> <verbatim>Nael deus Darnus 1 Results</verbatim>

The Avatar 2

<verbatim>The Avatar 2</verbatim> <verbatim>The Avatar 2 Results</verbatim>

The Avatar 1

<verbatim>The Avatar 1</verbatim> <verbatim>The Avatar 1 Results</verbatim>

Melusine 2

<verbatim>Melusine 2</verbatim> <verbatim>Melusine 2 Results</verbatim>

Melusine 1

<verbatim>Melusine 1</verbatim> <verbatim>Melusine 1 Results</verbatim>

Rafflesia 2

<verbatim>Rafflesia 2</verbatim> <verbatim>Rafflesia 2 Results</verbatim>

Rafflesia 1

<verbatim>Rafflesia 1</verbatim> <verbatim>Rafflesia 1 Results</verbatim>

Twintania 2

<verbatim>Twintania 2</verbatim> <verbatim>Twintania 2 Results</verbatim>

Twintania 1

<verbatim>Twintania 1</verbatim> <verbatim>Twintania 1 Results</verbatim>

Clockworks 2

<verbatim>Clockworks 2</verbatim> <verbatim>Clockworks 2 Results</verbatim>

Clockworks 1

<verbatim>Clockworks 1</verbatim> <verbatim>Clockworks 1 Results</verbatim>


<verbatim>ADS 2</verbatim> <verbatim>ADS 2 Results</verbatim>


<verbatim>ADS 1</verbatim> <verbatim>ADS 1 Results</verbatim>

Caduceus 2

<verbatim>Caduceus 2</verbatim> <verbatim>Caduceus 2 Results</verbatim>

Caduceus 1

<verbatim>Caduceus 1</verbatim> <verbatim>Caduceus 1 Results</verbatim>


THIS IS A TEST FORM. SO TEST, BUT RESPONSES WILL BE WIPED BEFORE IT GOES LIVE.<verbatim>Phlegethon</verbatim> <verbatim>Phlegethon Results</verbatim>

King Behemoth

<verbatim>King Behemoth</verbatim> <verbatim>King Behemoth Results</verbatim>


<verbatim>Thantos</verbatim> <verbatim>Thantos Results</verbatim>

Bone Dragon

<verbatim>Bone Dragon</verbatim> <verbatim>Bone Dragon Results</verbatim>


THIS IS A TEST FORM. SO TEST, BUT RESPONSES WILL BE WIPED BEFORE IT GOES LIVE.<verbatim>Xande</verbatim> <verbatim>Xande Results</verbatim>


<verbatim>Amon</verbatim> <verbatim>Amon Results</verbatim>

Glasya Labolas

<verbatim>Glasya Labolas</verbatim> <verbatim>Glasya Labolas Results</verbatim>


<verbatim>Scylla</verbatim> <verbatim>Scylla Results</verbatim>