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|  titlematch= B%
|  titlematch= C%
|  category=Seafood
|  category=Seafood
|  uses = Template:ARR Infobox Item
|  uses = Template:ARR Infobox Item

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Name Name
Cadaver Carp {{{Gardening}}}

Caiman {{{Gardening}}}

Caliban {{{Gardening}}}

Calico Trout {{{Gardening}}}

Canavan {{{Gardening}}}

Capelin {{{Gardening}}}

Capsized Squeaker {{{Gardening}}}

Captain Nemo {{{Gardening}}}

Caravan Eel {{{Gardening}}}

Cardinalfish {{{Gardening}}}

Carp Diem {{{Gardening}}}

Carpenter Crab {{{Gardening}}}

Caterwauler {{{Gardening}}}

Catkiller {{{Gardening}}}

Cavalry Catfish {{{Gardening}}}

Cave Cherax {{{Gardening}}}

Cave Killifish {{{Gardening}}}

Cerulean Loach {{{Gardening}}}

Ceti {{{Gardening}}}

Chakrafish {{{Gardening}}}

Charibenet {{{Gardening}}}

Charon's Lantern {{{Gardening}}}

Cherry Herring {{{Gardening}}}

Cherry Salmon {{{Gardening}}}

Cherry Trout {{{Gardening}}}

Cherubfish {{{Gardening}}}

Chirurgeon {{{Gardening}}}

Chub {{{Gardening}}}

Cindersmith {{{Gardening}}}

Cirrostratus {{{Gardening}}}

Clawbow {{{Gardening}}}

Clean Saucer {{{Gardening}}}

Climbing Perch {{{Gardening}}}

Cloud Cutter {{{Gardening}}}

Cloud Jellyfish {{{Gardening}}}

Cloud Rider {{{Gardening}}}

Cloudfish {{{Gardening}}}

Clown Loach {{{Gardening}}}

Clown Tetra {{{Gardening}}}

Cobrafish {{{Gardening}}}

Coelacanth {{{Gardening}}}

Coelacanthus {{{Gardening}}}

Coerthan Clione {{{Gardening}}}

Coerthan Crab {{{Gardening}}}

Coerthan Oyster {{{Gardening}}}

Coerthan Puffer {{{Gardening}}}

Coeurl Snake Eel {{{Gardening}}}

Coeurlfish {{{Gardening}}}

Comet Minnow {{{Gardening}}}

Cometoise {{{Gardening}}}

Common Bitterling {{{Gardening}}}

Common Sculpin {{{Gardening}}}

Common Whelk {{{Gardening}}}

Copperfish {{{Gardening}}}

Coral Butterfly {{{Gardening}}}

Coral Horse {{{Gardening}}}

Cornelia {{{Gardening}}}

Corpse Chub {{{Gardening}}}

Corpse-eater {{{Gardening}}}

Crawling Cog {{{Gardening}}}

Crayfish {{{Gardening}}}

Creamy Oyster {{{Gardening}}}

Crimson Copperfish {{{Gardening}}}

Crimson Crayfish {{{Gardening}}}

Crimson Sea Spider {{{Gardening}}}

Crimson Trout {{{Gardening}}}

Crown Trout {{{Gardening}}}

Crystal Knife {{{Gardening}}}

Crystal Perch {{{Gardening}}}

Crystal Pigeon {{{Gardening}}}

Crystalfin {{{Gardening}}}

Crystarium Tetra {{{Gardening}}}

Cupfish {{{Gardening}}}

Curefish {{{Gardening}}}

Curtain Pleco {{{Gardening}}}

Cyan Sea Devil {{{Gardening}}}