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|  titlematch= C%
|  titlematch= D%
|  category=Seafood
|  category=Seafood
|  uses = Template:ARR Infobox Item
|  uses = Template:ARR Infobox Item

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Name Name
Dafangshi {{{Gardening}}}

Dafu {{{Gardening}}}

Daio Squid {{{Gardening}}}

Daisy Turban {{{Gardening}}}

Dandyfish {{{Gardening}}}

Daniffen's Mark {{{Gardening}}}

Dark Ambusher {{{Gardening}}}

Dark Bass {{{Gardening}}}

Dark Knight (Seafood) {{{Gardening}}}

Dark Sleeper {{{Gardening}}}

Darkdweller {{{Gardening}}}

Darkroot {{{Gardening}}}

Darkstar {{{Gardening}}}

Dawn Crayfish {{{Gardening}}}

Dawn Herald {{{Gardening}}}

Dawn Maiden {{{Gardening}}}

Death Loach {{{Gardening}}}

Deemster {{{Gardening}}}

Deep Purple Coral {{{Gardening}}}

Deep Velodyna Carp {{{Gardening}}}

Demon Stonefish {{{Gardening}}}

Desert Catfish {{{Gardening}}}

Desert Dustfish {{{Gardening}}}

Desert Saw {{{Gardening}}}

Diamond Pipira {{{Gardening}}}

Diamond-eye {{{Gardening}}}

Diamondtongue {{{Gardening}}}

Dimorphodon {{{Gardening}}}

Dinichthys {{{Gardening}}}

Dirty Herry {{{Gardening}}}

Discobolus {{{Gardening}}}

Discus {{{Gardening}}}

Dohn Horn {{{Gardening}}}

Doman Bubble Eye {{{Gardening}}}

Doman Crayfish {{{Gardening}}}

Doman Eel {{{Gardening}}}

Doman Grass Carp {{{Gardening}}}

Doman Trout {{{Gardening}}}

Dotharli Gudgeon {{{Gardening}}}

Downstream Loach {{{Gardening}}}

Dragon Squeaker {{{Gardening}}}

Dragon's Soul {{{Gardening}}}

Dragonfish {{{Gardening}}}

Dragonhead (Seafood) {{{Gardening}}}

Dravanian Bass {{{Gardening}}}

Dravanian Smelt {{{Gardening}}}

Dravanian Squeaker {{{Gardening}}}

Dream Goby {{{Gardening}}}

Drepanaspis {{{Gardening}}}

Dry Steppe Skipper {{{Gardening}}}

Dune Manta {{{Gardening}}}

Dusk Crayfish {{{Gardening}}}

Dusk Goby {{{Gardening}}}

Dusk Herald {{{Gardening}}}

Dusk Scallop {{{Gardening}}}

Duskfish {{{Gardening}}}

Dustfish {{{Gardening}}}

Dwarf Catfish {{{Gardening}}}