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|  titlematch= E%
|  titlematch= F%
|  category=Seafood
|  category=Seafood
|  uses = Template:ARR Infobox Item
|  uses = Template:ARR Infobox Item

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Name Name
Faerie Bass {{{Gardening}}}

Faerie Queen {{{Gardening}}}

Fall Jumper {{{Gardening}}}

Fallen Leaf {{{Gardening}}}

Falling Star {{{Gardening}}}

False Scad {{{Gardening}}}

Fan Clam {{{Gardening}}}

Fanged Clam {{{Gardening}}}

Fangshi {{{Gardening}}}

Fat Purse {{{Gardening}}}

Fatty Eel {{{Gardening}}}

Fickle Krait {{{Gardening}}}

Fifty-summer Cod {{{Gardening}}}

Finger Shrimp {{{Gardening}}}

Fingers {{{Gardening}}}

Finned Eggplant {{{Gardening}}}

Firelight Goldfish {{{Gardening}}}

Fish Offering {{{Gardening}}}

Fishy Fish {{{Gardening}}}

Five-ilm Pleco {{{Gardening}}}

Flagon Clam {{{Gardening}}}

Flamefish {{{Gardening}}}

Flarefish {{{Gardening}}}

Fleece Stingray {{{Gardening}}}

Floating Boulder {{{Gardening}}}

Flood Tuna {{{Gardening}}}

Flowering Kelpie {{{Gardening}}}

Fossiltongue {{{Gardening}}}

Fountfish {{{Gardening}}}

Four-eyed Fish {{{Gardening}}}

Frilled Shark {{{Gardening}}}

Fuathgobbler {{{Gardening}}}

Fullmoon Sardine {{{Gardening}}}

Functional Proto-hropken {{{Gardening}}}