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|  titlematch= F%
|  titlematch= A%
|  category=Seafood
|  category=Seafood
|  uses = Template:ARR Infobox Item
|  uses = Template:ARR Infobox Item

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Name Name
Aapoak {{{Gardening}}}

Abalathian Bitterling {{{Gardening}}}

Abalathian Pipira {{{Gardening}}}

Abalathian Salamander {{{Gardening}}}

Abalathian Smelt {{{Gardening}}}

Abyssal Snail {{{Gardening}}}

Acorn Snail {{{Gardening}}}

Adamantite Bichir {{{Gardening}}}

Aegis Shrimp {{{Gardening}}}

Aether Eye {{{Gardening}}}

Aetherlouse {{{Gardening}}}

Aetherochemical Compound 123 {{{Gardening}}}

Aetherochemical Compound 666 {{{Gardening}}}

Agelyss Carp {{{Gardening}}}

Aithon's Colt {{{Gardening}}}

Ala Mhigan Fighting Fish {{{Gardening}}}

Ala Mhigan Ribbon {{{Gardening}}}

Albino Caiman {{{Gardening}}}

Albino Garfish {{{Gardening}}}

Albino Octopus {{{Gardening}}}

Albino Rock Crab {{{Gardening}}}

Allagan Bladeshark {{{Gardening}}}

Alligator Garfish {{{Gardening}}}

Alligator Snapping Turtle {{{Gardening}}}

Amber Lamprey {{{Gardening}}}

Amber Monkfish {{{Gardening}}}

Amber Salamander {{{Gardening}}}

Amberjack {{{Gardening}}}

Ammonite {{{Gardening}}}

Ancient Shrimp {{{Gardening}}}

Angelfish {{{Gardening}}}

Angry Pike {{{Gardening}}}

Ankle Snipper {{{Gardening}}}

Anomalocaris {{{Gardening}}}

Anpa's Handmaid {{{Gardening}}}

Antlion Slug {{{Gardening}}}

Aphotic Pirarucu {{{Gardening}}}

Appleseed {{{Gardening}}}

Aquabloom {{{Gardening}}}

Archerfish {{{Gardening}}}

Argonautica {{{Gardening}}}

Armor Fish {{{Gardening}}}

Armored Catfish {{{Gardening}}}

Armored Crayfish {{{Gardening}}}

Armored Pleco {{{Gardening}}}

Armorer (Seafood) {{{Gardening}}}

Arrowhead Snail {{{Gardening}}}

Ash Tuna {{{Gardening}}}

Ashfish {{{Gardening}}}

Assassin Betta {{{Gardening}}}

Asteroidea {{{Gardening}}}

Augmented High Allagan Helmet {{{Gardening}}}

Autumn Leaf {{{Gardening}}}

Axelrod {{{Gardening}}}

Azure Sea Spider {{{Gardening}}}

Azysfish {{{Gardening}}}