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|  titlematch= Z%
|  titlematch= Y%
|  category=Seafood
|  category=Seafood
|  uses = Template:ARR Infobox Item
|  uses = Template:ARR Infobox Item

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Name Name
Yalm Lobster {{{Gardening}}}

Yanxian Barramundi {{{Gardening}}}

Yanxian Koi {{{Gardening}}}

Yanxian Tiger Prawn {{{Gardening}}}

Yat Goby {{{Gardening}}}

Yat Khan {{{Gardening}}}

Yellow Pipira {{{Gardening}}}

Yellow Prismfish {{{Gardening}}}

Yeti Crab {{{Gardening}}}

Young Indigo Herring {{{Gardening}}}

Yu-no-hana Crab {{{Gardening}}}

Yugr'am Salmon {{{Gardening}}}