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Name Quest Number
Beyond the Great Wall 4001
Lyse Takes the Lead 4002
The Promise of a New Beginning 4003
A Haven for the Bold 4004
A Bargain Struck 4005
A Familiar Face Forgotten 4006
A Friend of a Friend in Need 4007
The Prodigal Daughter 4008
Signed, Sealed, to Be Delivered 4009
Hard Country 4010
Death by a Thousand Rocks 4011
Best Served with Cold Steel 4012
A Life More Ordinary 4013
Let Fill Your Hearts with Pride 4014
The Color of Angry Qiqirn 4015
The Black Wolf's Pups 4016
Homeward Bound 4017
Where Men Go as One 4018
Future Rust, Future Dust 4019
A Dash of Green 4020
Ye Wayward Brothers 4021
Token of Faith 4022
Crossing the Velodyna 4023
In Crimson It Began 4024
The Fires Fade 4025
Bereft of Hearth and Home 4026
Divide and Conquer 4027
Lies, Damn Lies, and Pirates 4028
Tales from the Far East 4029
Not without Incident 4030
The Man from Ul'dah 4031
Where the Streets Are Paved with Koban 4032
By the Grace of Lord Lolorito 4033
A Good Samurai Is Hard to Find 4034
It's Probably a Trap 4035
Making the Catfish Sing 4036
Once More, to the Ruby Sea 4037
Open Water 4039
Boys with Boats 4040
To Bend with the Wind 4041
Confederate Consternation 4042
The Arrows of Misfortune 4043
The Last Voyage 4044
The Solace of the Sea 4045
Alisaie's Stones 4046
Under the Sea 4047
Of Kojin and Kami 4048
In Soroban We Trust 4049
Forever and Ever Apart 4050
In Darkness the Magatama Dreams 4051
The Whims of the Divine 4052
Breaking and Delivering 4053
The Lord of the Revel 4054
Tide Goes in, Imperials Go Out 4055
A Silence in Three Parts 4056
Life after Doma 4057
A Glimpse of Madness 4058
The Stubborn Remainder 4059
The Ones We Leave Behind 4060
A New Ruby Tithe 4061
The Will to Live 4062
Daughter of the Deep 4063
Path of No Return 4064
The Time between the Seconds 4065
All the Little Angels 4066
Here There Be Xaela 4067
The Search for Lord Hien 4068
A Season for War 4069
An Impossible Dream 4070
Stars in the Dark 4071
A Warrior's Welcome 4072
The Heart of Nations 4073
A Trial Before the Trial 4074
In the Footsteps of Bardam the Brave 4075
The Children of Azim 4076
The Labors of Magnai 4077
For Love of the Moon 4078
Sworn Enemies of the Sun 4079
The Undying Ones 4080
A Final Peace 4081
As the Gods Will 4082
Naadam 4083
Glory to the Khagan 4084
In Crimson They Walked 4084
The Hour of Reckoning 4085
The Room Where It Happened 4086
How Tataru Got Her Groove Back 4086
Seeds of Despair 4087
The Limits of Our Endurance 4088
Broken Steel, Broken Men 4089
The Doma Within 4090
On the Eve of Destiny 4091
The Die Is Cast 4092
The World Turned Upside Down 4093
A Swift and Secret Departure 4094
While You Were Away 4095
Rhalgr's Beacon 4096
The Fortunes of War 4097
Rising Fortunes, Rising Spirits 4098
The Lure of the Dream 4099
The Lady of Bliss 4100
The Silence of the Gods 4101
The First of Many 4102
Strong and Unified 4103
Hells Open 4104
Heavens Weep 4105
The Road Home 4106
For the Living and the Dead 4107
Above the Churning Waters 4108
The Path Forward 4109
With Tired Hands We Toil 4110
Where Courage Endures 4111
The Price of Freedom 4112
Raubahn's Invitation 4113
Liberty or Death 4114
The Lady in Red 4115
Upon the Great Loch's Shore 4116
The Key to Victory 4117
The Resonant 4118
The Legacy of Our Fathers 4119
The Measure of His Reach 4120
Stormblood (Quest) 4121