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Item iLevel Requirements Stats
Aetherial Bladed Lantern Shield Model-Aetherial Bladed Lantern Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Round Shield Model-Round Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Spruce Round Shield Model-Spruce Round Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Shield of the Savage Model-Shield of the Savage.png 2.0 Shield
Serpent Sergeant's Targe Model-Serpent Sergeant's Targe.png 2.0 Shield
Serpent Sergeant's Hoplon Model-Serpent Sergeant's Hoplon.png 2.0 Shield
Serpent Private's Targe Model-Serpent Private's Targe.png 2.0 Shield
Scorpion Shield Model-Scorpion Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Scarred Kite Shield Model-Scarred Kite Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Rusting Scutum Model-Rusting Scutum.png 2.0 Shield
Rotting Round Shield Model-Rotting Round Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Square Maple Shield Model-Square Maple Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Raptorskin Targe Model-Raptorskin Targe.png 2.0 Shield
Oxblood Targe Model-Oxblood Targe.png 2.0 Shield
Notched Buckler Model-Notched Buckler.png 2.0 Shield
Nightprowler's Targe Model-Nightprowler's Targe.png 2.0 Shield
Maelstrom Escutcheon Model-Maelstrom Escutcheon.png 2.0 Shield
Lominsan Lantern Shield Model-Lominsan Lantern Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Lominsan Kite Shield Model-Lominsan Kite Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Leather Targe Model-Leather Targe.png 2.0 Shield
Kite Shield Model-Kite Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Square Ash Shield Model-Square Ash Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Storm Private's Scutum Model-Storm Private's Scutum.png 2.0 Shield
Iron Scutum Model-Iron Scutum.png 2.0 Shield
Vintage Hoplon Model-Vintage Hoplon.png 2.0 Shield
Warlock's Buckler Model-Warlock's Buckler.png 2.0 Shield
Warded Round Shield Model-Warded Round Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Waning Sun Pelta Model-Waning Sun Pelta.png 2.0 Shield
Viper-crested Round Shield Model-Viper-crested Round Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Vintage Square Shield Model-Vintage Square Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Vintage Scutum Model-Vintage Scutum.png 2.0 Shield
Vintage Round Shield Model-Vintage Round Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Vintage Kite Shield Model-Vintage Kite Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Vintage Buckler Model-Vintage Buckler.png 2.0 Shield
Storm Sergeant's Hoplon Model-Storm Sergeant's Hoplon.png 2.0 Shield
Ul'dahn Scutum Model-Ul'dahn Scutum.png 2.0 Shield
Ul'dahn Round Shield Model-Ul'dahn Round Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Ul'dahn Hoplon Model-Ul'dahn Hoplon.png 2.0 Shield
Twin Adder Escutcheon Model-Twin Adder Escutcheon.png 2.0 Shield
Thormoen's Purpose Model-Thormoen's Purpose.png 2.0 Shield
The Wall of Crags Model-The Wall of Crags.png 2.0 Shield
Thalassian Targe Model-Thalassian Targe.png 2.0 Shield
Tarnished Hoplon Model-Tarnished Hoplon.png 2.0 Shield
Storm Sergeant's Targe Model-Storm Sergeant's Targe.png 2.0 Shield
Ironclad Bronze Buckler Model-Ironclad Bronze Buckler.png 2.0 Shield
Iron Lantern Shield Model-Iron Lantern Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Aetherial Bull Hoplon Model-Aetherial Bull Hoplon.png 2.0 Shield
Aetherial Oxblood Targe Model-Aetherial Oxblood Targe.png 2.0 Shield
Bronze Hoplon Model-Bronze Hoplon.png 2.0 Shield
Bronze Buckler Model-Bronze Buckler.png 2.0 Shield
Bladed Lantern Shield Model-Bladed Lantern Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Aubriest's Allegory Model-Aubriest's Allegory.png 2.0 Shield
Ancient Buckler Model-Ancient Buckler.png 2.0 Shield
Allagan Round Shield Model-Allagan Round Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Aetherial Viper-crested Round Shield Model-Aetherial Viper-crested Round Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Aetherial Raptorskin Targe Model-Aetherial Raptorskin Targe.png 2.0 Shield
Aetherial Kite Shield Model-Aetherial Kite Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Bull Hoplon Model-Bull Hoplon.png 2.0 Shield
Aetherial Ironclad Buckler Model-Aetherial Ironclad Buckler.png 2.0 Shield
Aetherial Iron Scutum Model-Aetherial Iron Scutum.png 2.0 Shield
Aetherial Iron Kite Shield Model-Aetherial Iron Kite Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Aetherial Goatskin Targe Model-Aetherial Goatskin Targe.png 2.0 Shield
Aetherial Eagle-crested Round Shield Model-Aetherial Eagle-crested Round Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Aetherial Decorated Iron Scutum Model-Aetherial Decorated Iron Scutum.png 2.0 Shield
Aetherial Decorated Buckler Model-Aetherial Decorated Buckler.png 2.0 Shield
Aetherial Cobalt Scutum Model-Aetherial Cobalt Scutum.png 2.0 Shield
Aetherial Cobalt Bladed Lantern Shield Model-Aetherial Cobalt Bladed Lantern Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Bronze Scutum Model-Bronze Scutum.png 2.0 Shield
Canopus Shield Model-Canopus Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Iron Kite Shield Model-Iron Kite Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Flame Sergeant's Targe Model-Flame Sergeant's Targe.png 2.0 Shield
Iron Hoplon Model-Iron Hoplon.png 2.0 Shield
Immortal Flames Escutcheon Model-Immortal Flames Escutcheon.png 2.0 Shield
Holy Shield Zenith Model-Holy Shield Zenith.png 2.0 Shield
Holy Shield Model-Holy Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Gridanian Square Shield Model-Gridanian Square Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Gridanian Shield Model-Gridanian Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Gridanian Buckler Model-Gridanian Buckler.png 2.0 Shield
Goatskin Targe Model-Goatskin Targe.png 2.0 Shield
Flame Sergeant's Shield Model-Flame Sergeant's Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Cobalt Bladed Lantern Shield Model-Cobalt Bladed Lantern Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Flame Private's Shield Model-Flame Private's Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Eagle-crested Round Shield Model-Eagle-crested Round Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Decorated Iron Scutum Model-Decorated Iron Scutum.png 2.0 Shield
Decorated Buckler Model-Decorated Buckler.png 2.0 Shield
Darksteel Scutum Model-Darksteel Scutum.png 2.0 Shield
Darksteel Buckler Model-Darksteel Buckler.png 2.0 Shield
Darklight Square Shield Model-Darklight Square Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Darklight Kite Shield Model-Darklight Kite Shield.png 2.0 Shield
Cobalt Scutum Model-Cobalt Scutum.png 2.0 Shield
Worm-eaten Square Shield Model-Worm-eaten Square Shield.png 2.0 Shield