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Thanks for the welcome

Thanks for the welcome Gahoo! You now have the dubious honor of being my go-to person for questions XD

Through my research I have come across four leves which, according to the best info available, are unavailable in the game now (ex. No pain, no grain). What edit should I do to those? It feels at least a warning of some sort would be warranted.

I also came across a leve mob, Stalker Anole, which is currently listed as extinct. I would have liked to correct that but didn't know how. Any directives or an example of how to do it would be appreciated.

Thanks! Melody

Desynth Additions

Hi there! Regarding your question: for ones where I'm mentioning recipe, I'm just taking it from recipe. Where I haven't mentioned recipe, the additions are from confirmed in-game desynths. I started off adding only actual drops but I have found through investigations (~20 desynths of about 100 different low-level, craftable items I have bought in shops) that I was reliably able to receive all recipe items for every craftable item I tried (weapons, armour, tabletop items, flooring etc). The possible desynth volumes always reflected the recipe volumes too. I haven't delved into whether this continues to be true for expensive housing stuff (walls etc) or very rare/high level items (I've only finished ARR), hence just focusing on the basic stuff first. If you've found any examples where the recipe items aren't receiveable via desynth (or desynths are resulting in non-demimateria items that aren't in the recipe) then I'd be very interested to know! I got started down this route because I'm playing the marketboard for desynth value. I'm probably up to about 30,000+ desynths now as I maxed out the 10,000 desynths achievement quite a long time ago... I have some Gil to spare if you have any suggestions as it feels like a hard rule to me so far. Eseffbee (talk) 00:24, 2 October 2021 (UTC)

I came across your desynth edit at Horned Hatchet and tried with a further 50 desynths and I also did not see Raptor Sinew as a drop. I got Raptor Sinew twice in 4 desynths of Tortoiseshell Hora so clearly it is a valid item to drop. This proves your suggestion that some recipe items cannot be received via desynth.
So, why does Raptor Sinew not drop with Horned Hatchet? That recipe is unusual in having 5 recipe items, plus two shards, plus two demimateria drops. My next theory is that perhaps the game has a limit of maximum 8 potential desynth drops from any one item.
I will investigate this further and see if this theory holds... Eseffbee (talk) 18:48, 13 October 2021 (UTC)