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{{ARR Infobox Mob
{{ARR Infobox Mob
| Patch = 5.35
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| Image = Vinegaroon Executioner.png
| Image = Vinegaroon Executioner.png
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Vinegaroon Executioner.png
"Not long ago, a party of Temple Knights headed into the foothills of Sohm Al to spy on the dragons' activities. However, a few days into their mission, they disappeared without a trace. A rescue party was dispatched to find the missing knights, and find them it did. They discovered their missing comrades standing over the body of a vinegaroon─a fearsome scalekin in thrall to the dragons. But as they approached, the monster suddenly rose to its feet and sprang at the would-be rescuers, slaying several before they could ready themselves. The Temple Knights were all dead─the Scarecrow had propped up their corpses to lure their rescuers into a trap. After taking its toll on the rescue party, the monster fled up the slopes of Sohm Al, and naught has been seen of it since. We believe it may yet be hiding in the Churning Mists." [1]
Zone Level Drops Notes
Zadnor (Zone) - The Southern Plateau (X:32 Y:31)   Forgotten Fragment of History Icon.png Forgotten Fragment of History x8-16 Aggressive.png

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