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| FATE        =  
| FATE        =  
| Levels      = 20-21
| Levels      = 20-21
| Drops      = {{Drops|Name=Boar Hide|Link=|159|289|Count=1-5}} {{Drops|Name=Bristle}}
| Drops      = {{Drops|Name=Boar Hide|Link=|179|309|Count=1-5}} {{Drops|Name=Bristle}}
| Behaviors  = A        <!-- A or P -->
| Behaviors  = A        <!-- A or P -->

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Boar Icon.pngWild Boar  Zoneicon.pngMob1 Icon.pngMob14 Icon.png
Level Range 20-21
Inhabiting both mountainous and forested regions, boars are creatures of indiscriminate appetite that feed on anything from tubers and mushrooms to crabs and carrion. As they mature, the skin on their heads takes on a horn-like hardness which serves to protect them during their bone-shattering charges. Few are the predators willing to risk such injury for a meal of boar meat. [1]
Zone Level Drops Notes
East Shroud - The Bramble Patch (17-22)
  Questinvolvementicon.pngLance of Destiny
 20 Aggressive.png

East Shroud - The Bramble Patch (16-23, 18-25)  20-21 Boar Hide Icon.png Boar Hide (x1-5)(57.9%) Bristle Icon.png Bristle Aggressive.png
Hunting Log (1)
Name Rank
Hunting Log: Archer 20 2
Quests (2)
Name Level Starter Type
&000000000000002000000020&000000000006559200000065,592&Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".{{{Index}}}Lance of DestinyLance of Destiny &000000000000002000000020 Ywain Disciple of War Quests
&000000000000002000000020&000000000006625000000066,250&Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".{{{Index}}}SwinophobiaSwinophobia &000000000000002000000020 Piralnaut Gridanian Sidequests
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