Wolves' Den Pier

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Zoneicon.pngWolves' Den Pier
The Wolves' Den Pier is a small landing constructed by the Maelstrom against the wrecked ship The Braveheart. It was built as a staging area for combatants to enter the Floating Colosseum, also known as The Wolves' Den, a Player Versus Player arena.
Region: La Noscea
Landmass: Vylbrand
World: Hydaelyn
Weather: 20px (Varies)

Connections & Duties

Connection Coordinates
Moraby Drydocks Landing (8-6)
Duty Coordinates

Zone Summary & Overview

Area NPCs Quests FATEs Levequests Hunting Log Targets Monsters Logging/Harvesting Mining/Quarrying Fishing Log Locations
The Braveheart 20

Wolves' Den Docks 1

Wolves' Den Pier 28 12 5



In Patch 2.28 The Wolves' Den Pier was flagged as a PvP area and Striking Dummies were added to allow players a place to test out their PvP gear and abilities outside of the arena. You can not attack other players here, the PvP flag only means the Morale stat is affecting you, the materia on your PvP gear is active, and the use of PvP-specific skills is enabled.