Zadnor Beetle

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Beetle Icon.pngZadnor Beetle  Zoneicon.png
Level I
Gender Male
Zadnor Beetle.png
The carapace-covered insects collectively known as "beetles" are found throughout Hydaelyn. One such species, the weevil, is despised as a pest thanks to its propensity to breed uncontrollably and swiftly decimate crops. In an attempt to prevent such incidents, another species of beetle called the ladybug was introduced in many regions to prey on the weevil'ls larvae. Sadly- if somewhat predictably- they too subsequently bred uncontrollably and are now considered pests in their own right. The luminous firefly is a rather less unwelcome member of the beetle family. [1]
Zone Level Drops Notes
Zadnor (Zone) - The Southern Plateau (32.3 , 34.5)  I Forgotten Fragment of Rage Icon.png Forgotten Fragment of Rage (26%) Aggressive.png

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