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| Locations =  
| Locations =  
{{ARR Mob Row
{{ARR Mob Row
| Location    = The Northern Plateau
| Location    = The Western Plateau
| Duty        = Zadnor
| Duty        = Zadnor
| Coordinates = 10.8  , 36.3  
| Coordinates = 10.8  , 36.3  

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Question mark stub.pngZadnor Crawler  Zoneicon.png
Level I
Gender Male
Zadnor Crawler.png
Unlike most caterpillars, which eventually metamorphosize into a winged moth or butterfly, crawlers spend the entirety of their lives in a larval state. While slow, crawlers possess a slew of defensive mechanisms which protect them from hungry predators as well as help them subdue their own prey. These include several sharp black horns, a sticky silken thread emitted from a gland within their mouths, and an odorless, yet deadly poison secreted from their skin. [1] This corpulent vilekin infests the Dravanian Hinterlands, its distinctive black and yellow coloring warning potential predators of its toxic nature. Curious gourmands beware: consuming a crawler's flesh without the proper preparation invariably results in excruciating abdominal pain. [2]
Zone Level Drops Notes
Zadnor (Zone) - The Western Plateau (10.8 , 36.3)  I Forgotten Fragment of Moonlight Icon.png Forgotten Fragment of Moonlight Aggressive.png

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