Bind (Status Effect)

(Redirected from 15-yalm knockback and Bind)
Unable to move.
Status Effect
Inflicted Removed
Player Actions: Blizzard II Icon.png Blizzard II
Fluid Aura Icon.png Fluid Aura
Foot Graze Icon.png Foot Graze
Freeze Icon.png Freeze
Holmgang Icon.png Holmgang
Hyoton Icon.png Hyoton
Shadowbind Icon.png Shadowbind
Tri-bind Icon.png Tri-bind
Monster Abilities: Mob Action Icon.png Binding Tendrils
Mob Action Icon.png Corrosive Spit
Mob Action Icon.png Death Throes
Mob Action Icon.png Kinetic Pulse
Mob Action Icon.png Sun Spines
Player Actions: Esuna Icon.png Esuna
Tempered Will Icon.png Tempered Will

Bind is a harmful status effect that roots the target to the ground until it wears off or is removed. Those afflicted are unable to move, but they may still attack and cast spells.