2 x 2 Eyes

This levequest was part of an earlier release of Final Fantasy XIV, but has since been removed. This article is maintained for lore purposes only.
Removed Icon.png2 x 2 Eyes  REMOVED
Brugaire Consortium Junior Archivist, Bango Zango
Removed Levequest
Unto you, my love, I bestow thee
This worn, old pair of spectacles
So you may see all that I see
And will forever 'member me
As I sail across the endless seas♪

The recent popularity of the tune "The Sailor and the Sea" has jongleurs and bards across the city singing their throats raw. They are not the only ones profiting, however. Spectacles have become a greatly sought-after commodity, with sailors all across the city purchasing pairs to give their loved ones. To meet the sudden new demand for the eyewear, the Brugaire Consortium is willing to pay good coin for the crafting talents of local goldsmiths. All interested should visit junior archivist Bango Zango to receive the supplies necessary for the synthesis.