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4-tonze Weight

4-tonze Weight Icon.png4-tonze Weight

Drops a 4-tonze weight dealing physical damage at a designated location with a potency of 200 for the first enemy, and 50% less for all remaining enemies.

Additional Effect:
Heavy +40%
Duration: 30s
Acquired: Blue Mage Icon 1.png Blue Mage (Lv. 50)
Affinity: Blue Mage Icon 1.png BLU
Mob Notes: Employed to great effect by Ultros, this technique crushes adversaries beneath a phantom weight. Due to reticence in the scholastic community regarding certain forms of testing, whether the weight applied feels like that of four full tonzes is a question that remains unanswered.
Potency: The mathematical base strength of an ability.200
Cast: The amount of time it takes from pressing an ability, to when the ability activates.2s
Recast: The amount of time it takes from using an ability, to being able to use it again.2.5s
Cost: The cost associated with the use of the ability.200 MP
Range: The range of an ability, measured between player and target, in yalms.25y
Radius: Targeted AoE (epicenter: afflicted target; angle: 360°)4y
Damage Type: Physical (Blunt)
Rank: ★★★★
Spell No.: #26

Acquired from Duty (1)
Duty Level
The Dragon's Neck 50
Acquired from Mob (1)
Name Levels Location
Ultros (Enemy) 50 Zoneicon.png Halatali (Zone)