A Crown for Every Head (L)

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 Lv. 50   A Crown for Every Head (L)
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Rewardsicon.png Rewards
Experience Gil
Expicon.png162,792 Gil Icon.png~4,669
Possible Items
Venture Icon.png x3 Hi-Cordial Icon.png x3
Wind Crystal Icon.png x20 Ice Crystal Icon.png x20 Fire Crystal Icon.png x20 Earth Crystal Icon.png x20 Water Crystal Icon.png x20 Lightning Crystal Icon.png x20
Wind Crystal Icon.png x30 Ice Crystal Icon.png x30 Fire Crystal Icon.png x30 Earth Crystal Icon.png x30 Water Crystal Icon.png x30 Lightning Crystal Icon.png x30 
Informationicon.png Description
These days, the church finds itself busily preparing for the Feast Day of Saint Valeroyant, that legendary dragoon and, as some believe, the patron protector of youth. An outsider such as yourself may be unable to comprehend such reverence, but on this righteous day, it is tradition for the Temple Knights to take to the streets, passing by the residences and adorning the little ones' heads with flower crowns, intricately woven from freshly plucked tufts of saint's breath. Hence as the festivities draw nigh, the order must lose no time in braiding and blessing the protective charms, as there must be a wreath for every child in the capital. Bringing us ricks of the grass posthaste, we shall reward you most graciously.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
  • Travel to the Coerthas Western Highlands, equip a botanist's secondary tool, and commence logging.
  • Obtain target items.
    • Saint's Breath: 0/50
Order of the Friars Templar, Brother Padilloux
Issuing NPC: Eloin
Foundation - The Arc of the Humble  (10-10)
Classes: Botanist
Type: Fieldcraft
Guildleve: Munificence
Duration: 20m
Location: Falcon's Nest
Required Items
Saint's Breath Icon.png
Items Involved: Saint's Breath

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