A Feast of Fools/Plot Details

A Feast of Fools - Part 1
Louisoix: Greetings to you, <Name>. Yours is ever a welcome presence.

Louisoix: You come at a most opportune time. A great deal has transpired since our last meeting, and I have much to relay to you. Seedseer ARuhnSenna graced me with a visit but recently, you see, and brought with him a rather distinguished guest.

Louisoix: Having spent some time among us, I trust that you have learned a little of the moogles. Aye, the winged creatures abiding in the Twelveswood who have been friends to the Gridanians ever since the nation's birth.

Louisoix: Well, the guest of whom I speak was no less a personage than the moogle chieftain himself. He came seeking my counsel regarding a string of disquieting incidents that have occurred in the wake of the outbreak of woodsin at TotoRak.

Louisoix: Moogles have been disappearing, <Name>. For reasons known only to themselves, many have wandered into the depths of the wood of late, never to return. We have no inkling as to who or what might be responsible, save for an ensorcelled ward that has inexplicably manifested in close proximity to the area where several of the missing were last seen.

Louisoix: Our investigations have revealed that the ward contains a presence─that of a moogle, to be precise. Alas, that is all we have been able to discern. The ward's potency is such that we can set nary a foot within its sphere of protection.

Louisoix: All attempts to penetrate the ward thus far have been to no avail...but I believe I have discovered a way. We must needs harness the power of enchanted keystones, five all told, that can be found deep within the Twelveswood.

Louisoix: Keystones are objects used by the moogles in the raising of wards. Given their strategic importance, it is common practice to place a guardian over each. The keystones we seek are no different─each is defended by a dread beast.

Louisoix: Now, the moogle chieftain attempted to prevail upon the guardians to relinquish the keystones, but the ancient magic that binds them to their duty could not be undone. And so we have no recourse but to claim the keystones by force...and this is where your aid is required, <Name>.

Louisoix: Together with the elementals, the moogles protect the sanctity of the Twelveswood. If these unexplained disappearances are permitted to continue, all of Eorzea will suffer the consequences.

Louisoix: Perchance you are reluctant to harm a creature of the forest? Rest reassured that the elementals themselves recognize the graveness of our plight. They have granted us permission to put down the five guardian beasts, and you may undertake the task at no cost to your conscience.

Louisoix: All five creatures can be found in the vicinity of Turning Leaf, on the southwestern edge of the Twelveswood. The moogle chieftain has kindly furnished me with their identities, which I shall now relay to you.

Louisoix: Queen Gougou, who watches over the keystone of the bloom.Buata, keeper of the keystone of the bud.Capricious Cassie, guardian of the keystone of the bough...

Louisoix: Spiteful, who guards the keystone of the leaf.And last but not least, Great Oak, protector of the keystone of the trunk.

Louisoix: Upon obtaining all five enchanted keystones, you are to deliver them to the moogle Pukwa Pika, who awaits your coming south of Turning Leaf.What say you, then, <Name>? Will you aid the moogles in their plight and restore order to the Twelveswood?


Louisoix: If you feel unequal to the task, I shan't hold it against you. Until such time as you muster your courage, I shall await you here in good faith.


Louisoix: I had expected no other answer. No man could wish for a more dependable ally.

Louisoix: Now, the Lord of the Inferno may count among your many conquests, but I feel compelled to give you a word of warning, nonetheless. 'Twas not without good reason that your five foes were chosen as guardians.

Louisoix: You would also do well to tread �����warily����� when treants are about. For reasons yet beyond our fathoming, these guardians of the Twelveswood have become less forgiving of man's presence of late. I recommend you assemble a group of eight for the task to ensure naught is left to chance.