A Game of Life and Death

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 65   A Game of Life and Death
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Rewardsicon.png Rewards
XP Gil
Expicon.png207,900 Gil Icon.png2,740
Informationicon.png Description
Oboro glances impatiently about him, as if waiting for a tardy guest.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
  • Find your friends!
  • Rescue V'kebbe!
  • Find Perimu Harimu!
  • Rescue Perimu Haurimu!
  • Defeat Zakuro!
Issuing NPC: Oboro
Kugane -Rakuza District -Sekiseigumi Barracks (13.5-10.4)
Type: Job Quest
Unlocks: Sidequest1 Icon.pngTrue Enlightenment
Class: Ninja
Quest: Sidequest1 Icon.pngNinja Bathin' Redux
NPCs Involved: JackeYukiAkagiKarasu RedbeakTsubameV'kebbePerimu HaurimuZakuroHanzo
Mobs Involved: Garnet BounderGarnet LookoutZakuro
  • Having heard no word from Karasu since you last spoke, Oboro informs you that he has sent for Princess Yuki of the Yatsurugi clan, in hopes of reinforcing the ranks before setting out to rescue your friends. Despite her most enthusiastic response, however, the spirited princess has yet to arrive. You and Jacke take to the streets of Kugane in hopes of finding the girl before she runs afoul of any unsavory types.
  • You find Princess Yuki hidden in an alley, desperately trying to avoid the gaze of Akagi, her retainer-turned-bodyguard who has pursued her to Kugane with the intent of bringing her home to her people. At the princess's behest, spin a harmless lie to throw her man off the scent.
  • You barely utter a few words when Akagi dashes off to board the next ship to Eorzea in search of the princess. Feeling somewhat guilty for taking advantage of the well-meaning but less-than-sharp-witted retainer, you console yourself with the knowledge that you have served the princess well.
  • Though she regrets having asked you to tell a lie, Princess Yuki is grateful for your actions, for she can now repay both you and Oboro for your efforts on behalf of her and her kingdom. Eager to share what she has learned and begin the adventure, she dashes off to the piers to meet with Oboro as you follow in pursuit.
  • Princess Yuki is sharing with you and Oboro her knowledge of Hingashi in hopes of identifying Karasu's mysterious employer, when your conversation is interrupted by the crow himself. He gleefully explains that he has prepared a “game” of sorts for you and your friends: you are to rescue your friends from the hideout of the Garnet League and claim the scroll as your prize, or fail and see your friends' lives forfeit. Having no choice but to submit to the eccentric shinobi's cruel and capricious demands, you and your friends set out for the Isle of Bekko.
  • After a long and hard-fought battle on the Isle of Bekko, you have felled the fearsome Zakuro Brightblood and rescued your Underfoot and the Stray from the Garnet League's clutches. All that remains is free Tsubame and claim the scroll for emerging triumphant in Karasu's game.
  • Karasu, never to be trusted, is all too quick to renege on his promise and demand the spoils despite your clear victory according to the very conditions he set. With his friend and fellow shinobi's life in the balance, Oboro tosses the scroll to a gloating Karasu, who unceremoniously shoves Tsubame in your general direction. Karasu's enigmatic master then arrives on the scene, and with a few dismissive words, seemingly roasts Karasu to a husk with a breath of fire before your very eyes. Claiming to be Hanzo of the Kagekakushi clan─the only true practitioners of the art of ninjutsu─he ominously states his desire to rid the world of the descendants of “Sasuke the Shamed,” as he dismissively refers to the legendary progenitor of the Doman shinobi. As Oboro stands stunned, Tsubame comforts him with a secret entrusted to her by one her elders─namely, that the scroll in Hanzo's hands is but one half of the forbidden summoning mudra he covets. As Underfoot and V'kebbe return home to Limsa, you set out for Yanxia with Oboro, Tsubame, and Jacke, to inform the elders of all you have seen and glean what wisdom you might before planning your next action.
  • Upon arriving on the shores of Yanxia, you sojourn first in the fishing village of Namai. A clearly preoccupied Oboro states that he and Tsubame will make the trip from here to their village alone, as the elders may not take kindly to the presence of outsiders. The young shinobi promises you that they will return as soon as they are able, and you and Jacke resolve to keep your skills sharp in anticipation of the inevitable confrontation to come.
※The next ninja quest will be available from Jacke upon reaching level 68.
You'll begin alongside Oboro Moonrise, Captain Jacke, and Princess Yuki. Take their advice and use Hide to sneak past the large pack of Garnet Bounders. Once you reach the three Garnet Lookouts, take advantage of Sneak Attack to quickly deal with one before taking out the other two. Free V'kebbe the Stray from her shackles and she will join you. Hide and sneak through the shadows again, but Karasu will blow your cover and force you to contend with the Garnet Bounders. If lower leveled you may want to stick to single target as you WILL take aggro with AoEs and they can hit rather hard. Captain Jacke will use Physick on you and Oboro has Suiyaku to heal you as well however, so it's not like you're stuck with just Brilliant Conviction's regen. Then it's just another smaller pack of Garnet Lookouts and you're home free!

...ok, actually you'll get attacked by Zakuro Brightblood. and several Garnet Bounders which will tie up your allies. You can either duel Zakuro or take out the adds to free up your allies to assist, it's up to you, though Zakuro will summon the occasional pair of Garnet Brutes to hassle you that should be taken out first. During the fight she will also use Falcon, an AoE that divides the arena up into wedges so just take care to run to the nearest safe spot. Partway into the fight Karasu will also begin casting Hyaku-Raiton, which will form lightning AoEs around your allies so try not to stand too close to them. Lastly, later in the fight Zakuro will use Great Falcon, which is four conal AoEs that cover the entire arena. They will fire off in the order they were readied however, so staying near the first one and moving into it once it goes off allows you to dodge it. This is preceded by White Falcon, a knockback that makes it harder to get into position. Nothing too complicated overall.

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