A Gathering of Gaelicats

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 60   A Gathering of Gaelicats

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
House Haillenarte Soldier: The Firmament - Skysteel Workshop (x:9.6, y:13.4)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Foundation → The Firmament → The Mendicant's Court

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071341.png60May Featherfall FlourishFeaturequest1 Icon.png May Featherfall Flourish (Level 60)

Spacer2.png Any Class (Level 60)

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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
The sullen soldier is looking about anxiously.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Place the cat snack on the streets in hopes of luring out a gaelicat.
  • Wait for your quarry to arrive.
  • Track down the gaelicat.

Journal detail hr1 08.png Items Involved
Cloudcrawler Pouch
Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved
House Haillenarte SoldierWeatherproof Gaelicat (NPC)SivisFeline Fanatic
Journal detail hr1 08.png Objects Involved

  • The sullen soldier is looking about anxiously.

Why, if it isn't the savior of Ishgard─and the hero who helped us deal with that stray gaelikitten the other day!

You couldn't have come at a better time. For reasons I cannot begin to imagine, one of those confounded cats is back─and what's more, it appears to have brought its friends.

...Or so I've been told. As you might imagine, we are at something of a loss as to how to address the situation.

If the tales I have heard are true, these creatures originally hail from the Sea of Clouds, and some scholars in fact believe them to be a type of voidsent.

Why, it is enough to send a shiver up a man's spine! Surely you see that we simply cannot allow these baleful creatures to prowl about the Firmament as they please.

And so I beg of you─might you be so kind as to look into the matter and find some way to save us from this formidable, fluffy menace?

One of my cohorts mentioned that he saw the beast roaming just a ways down the road. And here, take this pouch of dried cloudcrawler with you─it's said that the little beasts can't resist the scent.

We simply must catch that furry fiend before it and its friends can wreak havoc on the Firmament!
You've found it! But...what's this? The furry creature has clad itself in an overcoat suitable for the fiercest of blizzards! Wherever did it get its paws on such garb?
Nyahahaha! That is not garb, my unlearned friend.
A-Another one? And...it speaks!? What foul sorcery is this!?
I am the neko bu─ahem. That is to say, I am but an innocent traveler with a fondness for our feline friends.

There was once a time when I made it my mission to journey to the far ends of this realm, raining down furious judgment against any who would spurn the cat and deny it its rightful place in the hierarchy of animals. These days, I have adopted a more peaceful approach, and simply do all in my power to see that these creatures are appreciated for the fluffy balls of inimitable cuteness that they are.

I am but an innocent traveler with a fondness for our feline friends.

I journey to the far ends of the realm, doing all in my power to see that these creatures are appreciated for the fluffy balls of inimitable cuteness that they are.

Now, let us return to the topic of the gaelicat's “garb,” and the wings which appear to be a part of it. Did you know that it is said that no one has ever seen said garb removed, and that every unfortunate soul who has even made an attempt has been met with hissing, clawing rage?

In any event, it is true. And in that sense, might it not be said that the gaelicat's “garb” is not garb at all, but rather an extension of the creature's corporeal form? Not only might it be said, but I proclaim it loudly and with the utmost of confidence!

Likewise, I would posit that those heavily layered silks are evidence that the gaelicat has adapted to its chilly surroundings. Furthermore, the creature's ample belly would seem to be incontrovertible proof that it has been dining on the most sumptuous of feasts.
Do you mean that someone has been...feeding this creature?
And this surprises you? Why, just gaze into those innocent eyes! See how its tail flicks and curls with such enchanting, enigmatic grace! Behold how it goes about its business entirely unburdened by the expectations of mortal men!

I thought that no animal could be more delightful than the gaelicats that frolic in the air above our heads, but to see one of such stout and ample proportions! Why, I am simply overwhelmed with the sheer force of its immeasurable cuteness!

Oh, but I can bear it no longer! I simply must behold the creature up close! I must embrace it, caress its fur, scratch behind its ears, nuzzle its nose and tell it over and over what a cute little kitty it is─yes, what a cute little kitty you are!
Meow! Hisssssssss...!
W-Wait! Heavens...do you think I came on a bit too strong? In any event, we must pursue it at once! Come now!
I'm not so sure about this. Perhaps chasing after voidsent isn't the wisest course of action?
...But I suppose we have no choice. I swore an oath to keep the residents of the Firmament safe, after all. Let us exercise due caution, though.
I have a bad feeling about this...
There you are, my delightful ball of fluffy cuteness! I promise you, I want only to love you and cuddle you forever and ever!
What is this meaning of this!?
Mrowr! Mrowwwwwwr!
Th-There...there's so many of them!
What is all this commotion!? Quiet, all of you, or you'll scare them away!
Nyahahaha! So you are the master of these creatures, I presume!
Master? Hardly. I simply took to feeding one of them as a way to fend off the pangs of loneliness that come with being so far from home, and before I knew it...well, you can see for yourself.
I am not unsympathetic to your situation, my friend, but we simply cannot allow these creatures to run rampant about the Firmament. All their cuteness and fluffiness be damned─they are monsters, after all!
All I know is they've never done me any harm. Why, give them a snack, and they'll curl right up next to you and let you cuddle them and nuzzle their noses to your heart's content.
How generous and giving is the gaelicat! And pray tell, my friend─just how does it feel to cuddle and nuzzle these most delightful creatures!?
How can I put it...? Their fur is soft and smooth, their noses toasty and warm, their cute little whiskers tickle the face...
...And they give off the most delightful aroma─akin to that of freshly washed bed linens! Or perhaps closer to bread right out of the oven! They smell good, is what I'm saying.
...You need say no more. For verily, there is no creature so heavenly as the cat!
What will you say?
Yes, no cat must go uncuddled! I'm more of a dog person, actually...
Hear, hear!
At any rate, I can assure you I've been in contact with officials at the Mendicant's Court in hopes of finding proper homes for the creatures as soon as I possibly can. Surely you agree that they deserve that much? Please don't chase them away...
Well, at the very least, they seem to pose no danger, and their population seems to be under control. I suppose I can overlook the matter for the time being...
But be forewarned that should the situation change, and the creatures prove a threat, we will not hesitate to use force when necessary. Isn't that so, friend?
What's this? You wish to accompany me on my journey? Oh, but why did you not say so sooner! It would be a pleasure and an honor both. Come, my fluffy friend, and let us spread a love for all things feline far and wide across the land!
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