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A Geiko for All Seasons

Featurequest1 Icon.png Lv. 68   A Geiko for All Seasons

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Keimei: Kugane - Pier 2 - Tenkonto (x:11.1, y:8.3)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Kugane → Kugane Aetheryte Plaza

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071341.png65The Crane's CaveatFeaturequest1 Icon.png The Crane's Caveat (Level 65)

Weaver Icon 3.png Weaver (Level 68)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

Lightning Crystal
Lightning Crystal
Lightning Crystal
Lightning Crystal
Persimmon Spinning Wheel
Craftsman's Competence Materia V
Craftsman's Cunning Materia V
Craftsman's Command Materia V
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Keimei is not done lavishing presents on his precious butterfly.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Speak with Kotocho in Sanjo Hanamachi.
  • Report to Keimei.
  • Speak to Yagiri and obtain the needed materials.
  • Craft a seductive bustier HQ Icon2.png.
  • Deliver the seductive bustier HQ Icon2.png to Keimei.
  • Search for Kotocho.
  • Speak with Keimei.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071341.png70Send Me an AngelFeaturequest1 Icon.png Send Me an Angel (Level 70)

Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved

  • Keimei is not done lavishing presents on his precious butterfly.
  • Master Keimei gleefully informs you that the Kaiko-odori festivities were a great success, with Kotocho─and the dress you made for her─the unquestionable star of the show. As a result, Western fashions are in ever higher demand, and business at Daitenya continues to boom. What's more, Kotocho has caught the eye of none other than Kugane's highest magistrate─the bugyo─who has invited the girl to perform at an exclusive banquet for visiting heads of state. Keimei, as is his wont, would present her with yet another gift worthy of the occasion. Seek out Kotocho at her usual haunt and see what manner of garment she seeks this time.
  • You arrive in the Hanamachi to find Kotocho and Kototsuru in the midst of a heated debate regarding the relative merits of tradition versus modernity in the flower district in this time of rapid change. Kotocho reveals to you her bold plans for the bugyo's banquet─she would wear a garment reminiscent of the dancing girls of the West, in hopes of making a striking impression on her audience. Frustrated by her protégé's utter lack of respect for Hingan custom and tradition, Kototsuru proposes a contest to raise the stakes. To wit, the geiko who better earns the favor of the bugyo and his audience will retain her position, while the defeated will renounce her status and return to the humble role of an apprentice's apprentice. Kototsuru storms off with a derisive scoff, while Kotocho states her resolve to prove herself in the face of the veteran geiko's challenge. Determined to lend what aid you can to the girl, you return to Keimei to procure the materials necessary to begin work on your latest creation.
  • Keimei at first responds to Kotocho's approach with a degree of skepticism, but in the end he chooses to place his trust in his butterfly. As always, he offers you your choice of his fabrics free of charge, and bids you begin work on the piece as soon as you are able.
  • Much like the young master, Yagiri is somewhat perplexed as to the nature of the piece you will be creating and whether or not it will be accepted by the conservative audience. He grants, however, that his knowledge of Western traditions is yet lacking, and expresses his confidence that you will be able to work wonders with your needle once more.
※In the event you lose the ingredients or the synthesis ends in failure, you may try again by speaking with Yagiri.
  • Any misgivings that Keimei had regarding the bustier you fashioned are instantly blown away the moment his butterfly floats elegantly onto the scene wearing your masterwork. Kotocho thanks you and the young master for your patronage, promising to dance for the bugyo as she has never danced before, and confidently strides off to the venue. You and Keimei become concerned, however, when the girl fails to return even in the late hours of the night. The young master proposes that you split up and go in search of her, so you make for the piers, where Kotocho has been known to frequent when she seeks peace of mind.
  • You find Kotocho on a deck overlooking the waters, staring off blankly into the distance. Keimei arrives shortly after, and the two of you learn that she was defeated in the contest, and has resigned herself to starting over from the bottom of the ranks. You are they joined by Kototsuru, who educates Kotocho in the error of her ways. As Kototsuru tells it, her mistake was twofold: she did not consider that the audience would be less than impressed with her choice of garment, and furthermore neglected her training in the traditional arts that they specifically sought to partake in. After the veteran geiko leaves, Kotocho expresses her sincere regret─deep down, she knew that Kototsuru was only looking out for her, but her pride and overconfidence blinded her to the truth. She vows to take this lesson to heart and redouble her efforts until the day when she can reclaim her position. Thanking you and Master Keimei for your support, she then bids you farewell. You promise to pay visit to Daitenya to console Master Keimei, who is clearly more distraught at this turn of events than he let on.
  • Master Keimei is worried about the impact the day's events will have on his ability to sell imported fashions, but accepts that there is nothing that can be done but trust in Kotocho and bide his time until the girl's second apprenticeship is over. He entreats you to continue honing your needlework, that the two of you might present his butterfly with a fitting gift when the girl─inevitably, he believes─reclaims her former position.
※The next weaver quest will be available from Keimei upon reaching level 70.

Master Surname! You will be pleased to hear that the Kaiko-odori was a rousing success, and─thanks in no small part to you, of course─Kotocho was the star of the show!

The foreign dignitaries in attendance were positively smitten with the sight of a geiko performing a traditional Hingan dance clad in a striking Eorzean dress. A true fusion of East and West, the old and the new!

What's more, ever since then the inns and teahouses of the flower district are packed with ijin customers─many of whom ask for our butterfly night after night. So much for Kototsuru and her haughty words of warning!

With her popularity ever burgeoning, my butterfly has received another prestigious invitation─this time none other from the bugyo himself! Kugane's highest magistrate will be holding an exclusive banquet at his estate for official guests of state, and he has called on a select group of geiko to entertain them.

If Kotocho can win the favor of the bugyo and his associates, none will be able to dismiss her as a passing fancy destined to vanish like the foam on the water!

Needless to say, the importance of the occasion has not been lost on the dear girl. She has asked me for another gift, and who am I─who are we─to refuse? I humbly request you call upon her at her residence in the Hanamachi and take note of her every wish.
Quest Accepted
I would have you to fashion a garment to bring out my butterfly's beauty in an entirely new way. Pray call upon her in the Hanamachi and take note of her every wish.
How long must this girl persist in wearing those tawdry rags? She may have no respect for tradition, but there is a reason that things are done as they are, and have been for centuries before any of us were born. I will suffer her insolence no longer.

Can you believe this, Master Surname!? Kototsuru insists that I attend the bugyo's banquet in a traditional silk kimono!

What right does she have to make such a decision? She is senior to me, yes, but I am my own woman! Tell her what you have told me, friend. Tell her that my boldness is an indispensable part of what makes me me!

There you go again, Kotocho, dragging others into your petty squabbles. Can you not see this foreigner has more important matters on his mind?

Pray forgive Kotocho her rudeness, Master Surname. She cannot help being the petulant little girl she is.

There you go again, Kototsuru─always thinking you know what's best for me! I am dragging Master Surname into nothing. He fashions his masterworks for me because he believes in me and my dream, as Master Keimei does. Is it not so?

I think you're just jealous! Jealous because I am wearing inspired fashions from across the Ruby Sea, while you are still trotting out that fusty old kimono!

...Poor child. Clearly, my teachings were for naught. But I will deign to teach you one final lesson. This is what I propose: let us compete to see which of us earns the favor of the bugyo.

Challenge accepted! You will eat your words and your moth-eaten kimono both when the student outshines her teacher!

...Such confidence. I take it, then, you will not be opposed to the conditions: the loser will immediately renounce her position and return to the scullery as an apprentice. Oh, but look at the time! A customer calls. Do try not to trip over your own feet when you practice, now.

Ahh, finally! I swear, when Kototsuru stands beside me, the air is so stuffy with musty old tradition that I can scarcely breathe. But a new wind blows in Kugane, and bold youth and individuality will win the day! I will see to this.

And you will help me, yes? I would have you fashion the most eye-catching dress imaginable─something that will make that old hag shrink from the mere sight. Mayhap something like─ah, but what was it the dignitary spoke of? The piece favored by his favorite dancing girl? A Navthairian bust-year, was it?

Well, whatever it is called, that is precisely what I want. You will make it for me, yes? In my favorite color, of course.

Tell the young master that this is truly a life-and-death battle for his butterfly, and we can afford to spare no expense. And now, I must return to my lessons. I am counting on you, Master Surname!
I will show Kototsuru that there is more to being a geiko than stuffy old tradition! Speaking of which, I suppose I should return to my training. Oh, but I can scarcely wait to see my new dress!

You have spoken with my butterfly, I presume? What manner of dress does the girl seek this time?

A dress even more revealing than that worn by the Ul'dahn dancing girls!? Wh-What is this strange sensation I feel in my chest...? Ahem! As always, the finest fabrics in our inventory are at your disposal. What will you require?

...Oh dear. Just between the two of us, silk of a quality befitting my butterfly is not cheaply had. And yet, so long as Kotocho's star continues to rise, the demand for Western fashions will spread, and our profits will only grow.

A contest with Kototsuru, you say!? With the loser forced to start her career over from the lowest rung of the geiko ranks? This is most concerning, to say the least...

...But no. I must trust in my butterfly. The girl has not achieved all she has by walking the well-trodden path, and my own confidence─and boldness, and daring─must be the equal of hers.

You may follow Kotocho's orders to the letter, and do so with my blessing. Yagiri will provide you with all that you require. May the kami guide your needle, Master Surname.
Kototsuru is as formidable an opponent as there is. I do hope my butterfly comprehends the implications of this contest she has agreed to...

Welcome back, honored guest. The young master told me that you would be returning. Here are the fabrics he has set aside for you.

This silk is quite costly, this I know. But are you certain that such a limited quantity will suffice?

It only covers the...!? Ahem. Forgive me, friend. I meant no disrespect. You must understand that we in Hingashi have but recently become exposed to the cultures and customs of your homeland.

Judging from what I have seen of your work, I have no doubt that any garment you fashion will be an exquisite piece of unparalleled quality and good taste. Should you require any more fabric, you need but speak the word.
Just between the two of us, I am not altogether uneager to see Kotocho in a garment less...concealing...than a geiko's usual attire.
Your work is done, you say? Then you must show it to the young master at once!
I must say, Master Surname, my heart is still... Hm? The dress is complete, you say? Pray show it to me without delay!
It's lovely, my friend...but where is the rest of it? Ahaha, but I jest! It is just as I envisioned it. We simply must have my butterfly try it on at once! Kotocho! Kotocho!!!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
What say you, my friends?

Kotocho! I...I...I...!

F-Forgive me, it was a bit too much for my senses to take in all at once. But now I see...I see it all! I see your resolve and...determination as never before! If you would bare your, ah, passion in full─know that you will have my unwavering support!
You are too kind, young master. And Master Surname─you have truly outdone yourself this time. It is so light and airy...why, I feel as if I could take flight this very instant! My battle with Kototsuru is all but won.
That is the spirit, my butterfly! Do not let that one fluster you. Breathe deeply, and show the bugyo the fruits of your training, and Master Surname's masterpiece will surely do the rest!
Thank you, my friends. Mark my words─my performance will be daring and bold as the dress you have gifted me. I will dance as I have never danced before!

<pant> <pant> F-Forgive me... I seem to be short of breath. No doubt it is simply the anxiety I am feeling in anticipation of my butterfly's most formidable trial yet.

I am sorry, Master Surname, but I am feeling rather faint. Would you be so kind as to keep me company here until my butterfly returns?

<pant> <pant> Th-Thank you for the company, my friend. I would surely have passed out hours ago were you not here at my side.

But whatever is keeping Kotocho? Surely the banquet is long over by now. Could it be that...? No, my butterfly was triumphant─I am sure of it! Gah! I can stand the anticipation no more!

Let us split up and find the girl, friend. I will make for the bugyo's estate. Might you search the piers? I have known Kotocho to look out over the ocean there when she wants to clear her mind.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
Whatever is keeping the girl? Why, if anything has happened to her, I know not what I would do...
The banquet should have been over hours ago, but still there is no sign of Kotocho. The young master mentioned something about a contest with Kototsuru? I do hope everything is well...
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.

Master Surname...? Whatever brings you here?

Forgive me for worrying you so. I do not deserve your kindness...
Oh, my butterfly, thank the kami that you are safe! When you did not return after the banquet, I feared the worst. But pray tell, how did you fare in your contest with Kototsuru?

Forgive me, young master... is all over... And after all you have done for me...

I failed you, my friends. The bustier Master Surname made for me was perfect, of course. All the blame lies with me. I was not worthy of it.

The moment I stepped on the stage, all eyes in the audience fell on me. I saw the looks of shocked surprise on their faces, and before I knew it, my mind was body frozen. If only I had given my training the same attention as my attire, I might have salvaged a performance worthy of the occasion. Oh, what a fool I am!

Finally, you learn...a pity it is too late.

That...dress─or whatever you would call it─is a marvel, indeed. But I fear you also made a fatal error of judgment, my girl. The honored guests of the bugyo, nearly to a man, hailed from Radz–at–Han. The sight of a scantily clad dancing girl is nothing new to them.

They may have been amused to see the fashions of their homeland on display here in Kugane, but make no mistake─that is not what brought them here. They came to our shores to feast their eyes and ears on traditional Hingan song and dance. Yes, the tradition that you are so quick to scorn.

But worry not. You will have plenty of time to learn to appreciate it in your second apprenticeship. Watch closely and have the humility to learn from those around you, and mayhap you will reclaim your position on your own merits. I, for one, would welcome that day.

I should have known... I was never Kototsuru's equal. She sees clearly all that I was blind to─the truth of my clients, of trends in fashion, even of myself...

For all her harsh words, she was only looking out for me─doing all she could to teach me the ways of the world. And yet I responded with the insolence and impudence of a child. Even still, she never gave up on me...not even today.

I will not forget the lessons I have learned. I will carry them in my heart at all times as I start over from where I began, that one day I might spread my wings and fly once more.

Master Keimei. After all you have done for me, in the end I brought nothing but shame to you and your family's business. But I will not ask for your forgiveness. No, for I must show by my deeds that I am truly deserving of it.

I promise that my flower will bloom once more. You will wait until that day, yes?

Oh, but of course, my sweet butterfly! To see you pursue your dreams with such single-minded devotion, the shackles of custom and tradition be damned─it has filled me with a new sense of purpose!

Perhaps your rise was too swift, too striking for the staid, uncultured masses. But this I know─stay true to yourself and devote yourself to your training, and your era will come. It is but a matter of time!
Thank you, my friends. And now, I must return to my quarters and gather my belongings. Farewell, young master, Master Surname. Till we meet again.
I put on a smile for Kotocho's sake, but to speak the truth, I am at something of a loss right now. I would return to my store and collect my thoughts. Pray stop by later─there are matters we should discuss.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
Forgive me, Master Surname, but I have no time to chat. I must gather my belongings and report for cleaning duty.
Kotocho, demoted to an apprentice's apprentice? My heart goes out to her... Still, if anyone has the passion and pluck to fight her way back to the top, it is that girl.

Thank you for coming, my friend. To be quite honest, I fear for what will become of our business without Kotocho to lure in potential customers and draw attention to our Western fashions.

Still, there is naught to do but hawk our wares and hope that our butterfly's stay in the apprentice ranks will be short-lived. In the meantime, pray continue to heighten your aesthetic senses and hone your craft. When Kotocho regains her status, I would gift her with a garment worthy of the occasion.
Quest Completed
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Seductive Bustier can be found under Logs -> Crafting Log -> Special Recipes -> Class Quests

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