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A Guest to Impress

Sidequest2 Icon.png Lv. 15   A Guest to Impress  Repeatable

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Damielliot: Frondale's Home for Friendless Foundlings (x:3.7, y:3.6)
Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
080109.png15Pretty in PeachesLittle Ladies' Day Event Icon.png Pretty in Peaches (Level 15)

Spacer2.png Any Class (Level 15)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards
Peach Confetti
Peach Confetti
Peach Confetti
Cherry Confetti
Cherry Confetti
Cherry Confetti
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Damielliot has the flustered look of a man who has been asked one too many questions.
※This quest is available for a limited time only.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives

  • Damielliot has the flustered look of a man who has been asked one too many questions.
※This quest is available for a limited time only.
  • While your impromptu Little Ladies' Day at Frondale's Phrontistery was a rousing success, Damielliot informs you that not all is well. It would seem Redolent Rose's visit was both a blessing and a curse, as the other young girls now expect Damielliot to arrange a special guest for each of them. The children's requests are fanciful at best, and Damielliot, overwhelmed with the magnitude of the task, humbly requests your aid in securing audiences with some of the storied figures you have met in your journeys. Reauverre has asked each of the girls to write a letter to the person─or persons─they would like to meet. Read them, and if anyone you know might fit the descriptions contained within, inform Reauverre and he will summon the others to the foyer.
※Please note that you will be unable to complete this quest after the seasonal event has ended. For details, please check the Lodestone.
  • Everyone awaits with bated breath as you present to them one of Eorzea's most esteemed personages. The children are delighted to hear their stories and receive their advice, and your guests appear just as delighted to share. The meeting ends with smiles all around, and Damielliot is eager to thank you for your part in arranging it.
  • After thanking you profusely, Damielliot reiterates that you are welcome to visit the Phrontistery at any time, so long as the day's festivities are afoot in Ul'dah. He also reminds you that the children would be thrilled if you were to bring even just one more of your colorful comrades along with you.

Greetings, Forename. I am terribly sorry to trouble you again so soon, but may I have a word?

As you know, our dear Lorie was overjoyed to receive a personal visit from Redolent Rose, whom she so admires. So very few are given such an opportunity, and I shall be forever grateful to you for your part in arranging it.

However, Lorie is not the only one under our care. When the other children heard her story, they came asking me to invite all manner of illustrious figures to the ward.

Of course, I would gladly grant their wishes if I could. However, I am but a lowly physician, and hold little sway outside of this Phrontistery. I do not sup with the sultana or go for leisurely flights on the backs of dragons.

But an adventurer of your stature is no stranger to esteemed company, both within and without this city. The children and I would be eternally grateful if you would draw upon this circle of acquaintances to make their dreams come true one more time.

I sincerely apologize for imposing upon you yet again, but it is not for my own sake that I beseech your aid. In return for your efforts, I have arranged a reward, but I fear it will only begin to repay the debt I already owe you.

Young Reauverre, emboldened by your example, has chosen to serve as seneschal to our young ladies, and has helped sort all of their various requests.
I asked them to write letters to the people they wanted to meet, although it seems not everyone had a specific person in mind. You can find them on the desk over there.
Read through them, and if there are any among your allies and comrades-in-arms who might be fit to call upon, don't hesitate to tell me and I'll gather everyone here.
I am well aware of how much I am asking of you, but the smiles of the children shall be worth the effort. If you could invite even just one more of your illustrious companions, it would mean the world to everyone here, myself included.
The letters are still on the desk. I'm certain that among your friends there is at least one you can call.
If someone comes to mind, tell me and I'll arrange to have everyone gather here for an audience.
Young Reauverre seems to have been inspired by your example, and declares to any who will listen that he too will be a model seneschal. It is heartening to see him in such high spirits.
Handwritten Missive:"To Her Grace, the Sultana."
Your Grace, to this day I remember when my father took me to see you speak. Your words moved me, and ever since, I've tried to live by them.
I've always been shy, but I want to learn how to be brave like you. How do you stand in front of so many people without looking nervous at all? There's so much I want to ask you, and if you could grace us with your presence at the Phrontistery, I would be ever so grateful.
Handwritten Missive:"To a Fierce Gladiator."
For as long as I can remember, I've been sickly. I feel like I spend more time in the Phrontistery than out of it. I've always wished I could be like the gladiators I see around the city, so strong and healthy, as if they've never spent a single moment in a sickbed.
I want to learn how to be like them, especially the woman who leads the whole guild. If I was as strong as her, I would never have to come back here again. I don't care what it takes─just teach me what to do and I'll do it.
Handwritten Missive:"To a Master Chef."
I've always loved baking cakes and other sweet things, and when I grow up I want to open my own shop to see the smiles on the faces of my customers. Everyone here at the Phrontistery says my baking is delicious, and the tarts I made for them were devoured in the space of one bell!
But even though my friends praise my baking, I'm still not sure if I'm doing everything right. So that's why I want a master cook to taste something I make with my own hands, and I want an honest opinion. No sugar-coating, please.
Handwritten Missive:"To Ul'Dah's Top Songstress."
Before I became sick, I was lucky enough to see the Songbirds perform. The songs were so captivating and the dances were so extravagant. My memory of that day has gotten me through the most difficult times here.
It taught me to always have a song in my heart and a rhythm in my step, and when I grow up I want to be just like you! I know I have a lot to learn, and I would treat any advice you could offer as preciously as a ponze of gold.
Handwritten Missive:"To the Greatest Aesthetician in the Realm ."
I just can't stop playing with my hair. I usually style it differently every day, and I love coming up with all sorts of ways to fashion my friends' hair too. Everyone says I should become an aesthetician when I get older, and I couldn't agree more!
But I'm still just a child, and I'm sure there's lots a successful aesthetician could teach me. I have so many questions to ask... Maybe I could ask them while you're cutting my hair?
Handwritten Missive:"To a Dragon Gay."
Ever since Master Damielliot told me the story of the Boy and the Dragon Gay, I've dreamt of sprouting wings and flying off into the sky, free from this place and my sickness. I know that can never happen, but I'd still like to meet a dragon. The smaller the better, since the big ones look so scary.
Unfortunately, try as I might, my sickness keeps me from traveling far. But dragons can soar through the sky─if one would visit me here, I'd be over the moon. I already know we'd make the best of friends.
Handwritten Missive:"To the Realm's Richest Person."
I know time is money, so I'll get straight to the point: I want to be the richest person in Eorzea. That way I can travel the land with da and ma and fill our stomachs with all the best food the realm has to offer.
There's just one thing stopping me from pursuing my dream: I don't know how to make money. So I thought, who better to ask than someone who already has lots of it? I just need one or two hints to get me started and I'm sure before long I'll be swimming in gil.
So, have you read the letters? Do any of your storied allies fit the descriptions written within?
What will you say?
Place an answer Here
Great! I'll call the girls here!
Who will you bring?
The Sultana herself. The First Sword of the Gladiators' Guild. A culinary magician. Ul'dah's top songstresses. A legendary aesthetician. My little dragon friend. Someone with deep pockets. I'd like to reconsider.

The Sultana herself.

Greetings, children. Is everyone having a splendid Little Ladies' Day?
Well-mannered Girl
It's the sultana! We are honored to be in your presence, Your Grace!
Now now, there is no need for such stiff formalities. Pray call me Nanamo. And it is I who should be so honored to receive your invitation.
For our children are the most precious gemstones in all of Ul'dah. I am sure there is much and more I can learn from your stories, and full eager am I to hear them.
Your Grace, each moment we remain here, urgent matters are mounting and left unresolved. We would do best not to tarry overlong.
Papashan, do you forget the meaning of this day? For generations, the sultans of Ul'dah have put themselves at the complete disposal of their chosen princesses. Am I not beholden to the same tradition? Or do you mean to imply that a sultana cannot be a seneschal?
I- No, Your Grace, of course not!
I am glad we have reached an understanding. Now, which one of you addressed their letter to me? Come forward, and I shall serve you as best I can.

The First Sword of the Gladiators' Guild.

My friend here tells me that one among you has it in their head to become a gladiator. Raise your hand so I can judge if it's fit to raise a sword.
Exuberant Girl
Me, me!
Aye, that's an arm I'd fear swinging at me even on my best day. You have promise, but many a talented gladiator has seen their bright future smothered by the sands of the Coliseum. Would you like to know what separates the wheat from the chaff?

Much akin to how a sword must be sharpened daily, one's skill with it must be practiced often and with diligence. The very best of us do this and more- they train always with purpose. They've an image in their head of the gladiator they'll become on the morrow, the next moon, and the next summer.

Take this advice to heart, for it has guided me to where I am now, and I suspect will guide me further still. Now, imagine yourself with sword and shield in hand, ready to emerge victorious from your first tourney.
Exuberant Girl
A tourney? You mean at the Coliseum? I've always wanted to go to one, but my ma says it's too crowded- that it'll make my condition even worse. So...I've never been.
I see. Imagine yourself facing down a different foe, then- this condition of yours. Imagine that you've trounced it so thoroughly that it would never dare to plague you again.
Triumph over this enemy and take back your health, and I'll personally see to it that you're invited to a tourney showcasing the fiercest fighters in our guild.
Exuberant Girl
Oh! Really!?
My word is as good as my sword. All I ask is that you put my advice into practice daily. Your first victory is yours for the taking.
Of course, I promise!

A culinary magician.

Oi, now I see why they call Ul'dah a jewel─it's got the prettiest little lasses this side o' Eorzea! Now who 'ere's the one with a taste for cakes and cookies?
Enthused Girl
Me, sir. Is it true you know how to cook?
Hahaha! Aye, ye could say that. I've been known to whip up a dish or two when the fancy strikes me. Some've even asked me to cook whole meals for them, if ye can believe it-and then they asked for more!
In fact, so many couldn't get their fill of my cookin' that I stumbled into the position of guildmaster for the culinarians. Ever 'eard of the Bismarck? I'm somethin' of a known quantity there, and we're always lookin' for talent. I understand yer a dab 'and in the kitchen yerself.
Enthused Girl
I...I suppose. I like to make sweets, and one day I hope to open my own shop.
That's a worthy road to walk down, if I do say so myself. Ye'll lose track o' 'ow many days you've spent bent o'er an oven, 'owever, but I suspect that won't deter ye.
Now that's the attitude I like to see. Now, lass, I came all this way on the promise o' cake-one that'd put the Bismarck's to shame. Would ye care to oblige me?

Ul'dah's top songstresses.

Now this is a crowd! Forename, you didn't tell us there would be so many of them! Greetings, everyone, and thank you for having us! Who wants an autograph!
Ulala, show a little restraint, please. We're in a sick ward, not on the stage.
Let's keep civil in front of the children, shall we? Forename told us one of you little ladies wishes to be a songstress when she grows up. Which of you is it?
Wow, look at her! She'd fit right in with the Songbirds! Who's your favorite? It's okay, you can be honest-it's me, isn't it?
I'm sure there are other things she'd like to talk about. Tell us, what made you want to follow in our footsteps?
Melodious Girl
I saw you perform once in Ul'dah, and by the end of the first song I knew what I wanted to be. Your voices, your dances, your costumes─everything was so enchanting.
Really? Thank you for the kind words, truly. As a performer, there is no greater gift than the heartfelt appreciation of a fan.
True, but being a songstress isn't all sunshine and lemoncakes. And becoming one was even less sweet. There were many hardships to overcome to get to where we are now, and certainly more are still ahead.
On the stage, we're perfect. But it takes effort off the stage to get there. Day after day for bells on end we practice. You have to be ready to endure that and more.
Ulala! She is but a child!
While Ulala's words may be blunt, there is wisdom in them. If we inspired this girl, don't we owe her honesty? Would that I was given the same gift when I was younger.
Not that I would've chosen any other path than this. Quite the opposite, in fact. For every moment of suffering there are countless more of fulfillment. Like this one, for example. Meeting our fans is always an occasion to hold dear.
That's right, I wouldn't dissuade any from pursuing their dream of becoming a songstress. Stay determined and practice every day, and before long I'm sure we'll see you on the stage with us!
Melodious Girl
I will! Thank you!
But let me warn you-if you aim to be Eorzea's number one songstress, you'll have to face some stiff competition!

A legendary aesthetician.

Winsome Girl
Who...who is this?
Ah, I see there are still drab corners of the world where the name of Jandelaine has yet to grace the people's tongues.
Not to worry, my dear ladies-by now I am well-accustomed to the feat of delivering the light of beauty to Eorzea's darkest recesses!
Winsome Girl
Uh, this is an aesthetician? He's not like I imagined...
Look carefully upon this visage, and then carefully inside yourself. Do so, and you shall come to see the truth.

Not the truth of prosaic reality. No─the truth of the heart! The one truth that can stir your soul and transform it from dull to dashing. Will you dare to accept it, or will you forever consign yourself to mediocrity?

Excellent, my lass. Then take hold of your scissors-figuratively, of course-and prepare to shear your ideal self free from the fabric of the common and shape it into something wondrous, as only an aesthetician can.

Now, I shall excise the demon of ugliness from atop your crown, and you shall return to us a beauty reborn!

Bid farewell to the life you knew, and prepare to see the world from a vantage placed squarely above the clamoring masses!

Breathtaking...more lovely than words can say. No, you must not speak-you must bask in the moment.

Today you step foot upon a new path-a path that will lead you to a beauty so profound that you shall have no choice but to one day join me in my quest to banish all hints of the grotesque from the land.

My little dragon friend.

Kal Myhk
So many children! Is this what you call a litter?
Is that a dragon!? I can't believe it! It sure is small... It's not a poppet, is it?
Can a poppet speak, child of man? I am indeed a dragon, and you may call me Kal Myhk.
Awestruck Girl
Wow, it talks! Why are you so small? Are you a child like us?
Hmph. If it pleases you to think of me as a child, then you may do so. What is it you children of men do for leisure, again? If I recall correctly, scampering about aimlessly outside is a pastime of yours. I suppose I could deign to scamper. What say you, Forename?
Hyuran Child
But the physicians said we can't go outside...
Nonsense. Every child must bask in the sunlight from time to time. How else would they grow big and strong like my friend Forename here?
Hyuran Child
We'd like nothing more than to go play, but we're sick. It might not look it now, but our condition can change in a moment's turn. We have to stay inside or else we might get worse.
I see. How unfortunate. I was looking forward to making new friends and catching up with old ones.

Still, that doesn't mean I can't return when you all are well. A day which will come soon, I'm sure.

And when it does, we'll scamper enough to make up for today thrice over!

Don't worry, Forename will be coming along too. I'll see to it personally.

It's a promise, then. And dragons never break a promise, even should a thousand winters pass. I hope to see you all before then, however, else I may no longer fit inside this tiny structure.

Someone with deep pockets.

Well met, well met! Forename told me to expect princesses, but I see now that the word hardly does this singular group of ladies justice!
Gawking Girl
My gods, a Namaz!
That's Namazu, young lady, and we do have names. Yes, yes. Mine is Gyorin, and the pleasure of making your acquaintance is entirely mine.
Now, I've heard tell there was a girl here with ambitions of slumbering upon piles of coins and awakening in the lap of luxury.
Gawking Girl
Me! Me! I wanna be rich!
Ah, I know that glint in your eyes, for I had the same one in mine when I was your age─and truth be told, I still do! It's so rare to meet kindred spirits these days─ones that aren't trying to bankrupt me, that is!
The first step to making a ponze of gold is to know your purpose, for that will serve to spur you forward when your fortunes are down and your coinpurse is empty.
Gawking Girl
Well, I heard my parents arguing about how much it costs to keep me here... I felt so guilty...
But I also realized how hard they were trying for me. That's when I decided to become rich─so I could make their life easy. I wanna get out of here and show them every corner of Eorzea!
Ah, a more noble goal than most that go into the business of making money! That nobility will serve to help you survive through the lean times─and lean times there will be! Even I am yet to count myself among the affluent and well-to-do. But a Namazu can dream, and dream I shall! Yes, yes!

That being said, if your aim is to fill your coffers, there's no better place than Ul'dah. Fortunes are made and lost every bell in this city, and a savvy merchant can massage the odds so that she wins more than she loses.

Since you already have a purpose to drive you, your next step is to find a market. That requires research-dozens and dozens of conversations to discern what will sell and what's better off left buried in the sand. And even when you're not researching, you must be thinking about your research.

Begin your journey with this simple advice in mind and soon riches shall flow to you. Should you succeed-which I'm sure you will-please visit me in Hingashi. I've no doubt two merchants of our aptitude can turn a mountain of coins into an ocean of them!
Now that was a sight to see! Who don't you know, friend?
I must admit, when I first requested your aid, 'twas out of desperation. I expected at best a short letter to read to the children, but you went the extra malm and provided us with an audience. I cannot remember the last time I saw everyone so happy.

Joy was not the only gift you gave everyone, however. The heartening words of your allies will fortify the children's spirits in the days ahead, that they might overcome their illnesses and see their health returned. Please pass on our gratitude to your friends.

And allow me to thank you personally. Your efforts have ensured that this Little Ladies' Day will always be remembered fondly by both the children and myself. You are welcome to visit us here any time you wish, and all the more welcome if you have another companion in tow.
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