A New World to Explore

Mainquest1 Icon.pngNew Lv. 90   A New World to Explore

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Ojika Tsunjika: Old Sharlayan (Zone) - Archons' Design - The Baldesion Annex (x:9.2, y:11.3)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Old Sharlayan (Zone) → The Baldesion Annex

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071201.png90The Coming DawnMainquest1 Icon.png The Coming Dawn (Level 90)

Spacer2.png Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) (Level 90)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Ojika Tsunjika has a message for you.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Wait at the designated location.
  • Speak with Erenville.
  • Speak with your shipmates. 0/5
  • Speak with Krile.
  • Speak with Erenville.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071201.png90The Nation of TuliyollalMainquest1 Icon.png The Nation of Tuliyollal (Level 90)

  • Ojika Tsunjika has a message for you.
  • Ojika Tsunjika has had word from Erenville─apparently the gleaner's efforts to secure passage to Tural aboard a guildship vessel were successful. The administration officer bids you wait in the main hall while he informs the rest of your travel companions.
  • Gathered together, you and the others reaffirm your reasons for undertaking the journey west, as well as your support of Wuk Lamat's bid for the throne. Satisfied that everyone is committed to the cause, Erenville suggests you make ready to depart.
  • The time to leave Sharlayan behind has come. Board the guildship vessel and undertake the journey to Tural.
  • With a vast stretch of ocean still between you and Tural's shores, Krile suggests you pass the time by conversing with your fellow shipmates─some of whom have made the trip to Tuliyollal before.
※In the event that you leave the ship, you may resume your voyage by speaking with the swarthy sailor in Scholar's Harbor.
  • Your brief bout of socialization has yielded insights into what to expect when you arrive at your destination. Krile may be interested to hear what you have learned.
  • The ship is beset by a terrible storm, but thanks to the heroic actions of those on board, the passengers and crew survive to see the seas grow calm once more. Your vessel sails on, the sight of wheeling seabirds signaling that Tural is now but a short distance away. Erenville explains that the larger vessel is unable to enter the city's harbor, so you board a landing boat alongside your comrades.
  • You at last make landfall in Tuliyollal─much to the relief of Wuk Lamat and her roiling stomach. Upon your arrival, you are accosted by Turali soldiers, who are quickly put at ease by the reassurances of the Third Promise.
  • Stoic as ever, Erenville stands ready to guide you as you take your first steps into the vibrant city of Tuliyollal. Go forth and see what adventure awaits!

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Welcome back, Forename! I've just had word from Erenville.

It seems he's managed to secure passage to Tural aboard a guildship vessel.

Why don't you wait in the main hall while I go and inform your travel companions? It should only take a moment.
Quest Accepted
Your next grand adventure begins, eh?
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Ojika gave us the good news. We've made ready to set sail at a moment's notice.
The only one yet to arrive is Erenville himself...
066464 hr1.png BGM change

Ah, you're all here.

It took some persuasion, but the gleaners' guildship has granted us places aboard a vessel bound for Tural.

There'll be other passengers─researchers and artisans and the like─so we'll need to share deck space.
That's fine, Erenville. I doubt anyone expected we'd have a ship all to ourselves.
They're not casting off just yet, so if you have any lingering concerns, now is the time to voice them.
I wouldn't call it a concern, but everyone's still clear on what it is we'll be doing in Tural, yes?

We've not forgotten.

The nation of Tuliyollal is in the midst of deciding its next ruler.

As your chosen allies, we shall assist you during the rite of succession, and support your bid to become Dawnservant.

In addition to that, Alphinaud and I have another objective.

As part of its reconstruction, Garlemald seeks ways to reconcile and reengage with its neighbors.

By visiting Tural, we hope to learn more about how its myriad cultures interact with one another. How they find common ground, develop stronger ties─the sort of insights that might help our friends in Ilsabard.

But we'll pursue this goal in our own time. You can be assured that we'll give the contest all due attention.

That's all I ask. Otherwise, you're welcome to do as you like.

You wanted to find out about your grandfather, right, Krile?

Yes. As far as we could determine from the old missive I found, he had been tasked with investigating the golden city by your father, the Dawnservant.

Yet oddly enough, we have no record of that investigation in our archives, and nothing to explain the earring which accompanied the letter.

Thus for reasons both official and personal, I should very much like to get to the bottom of this mystery.
I'm sure there'll be a chance to speak with Papa. You can get your answers right from the source!
I look forward to meeting him.
In any case, you're not the only one with an interest in the city of gold.
The golden city is a children's bedtime story. I am part of this expedition only because the Third Promise has commanded that I serve as guide.

Still playing the part of the stoic servant, I see.

What of you? Don't you dare tell me you've changed your mind!
What will you say?

1) Hoist sail and let the wind take us as she pleases!
2) We won't make you Dawnservant by standing here and talking about it.
3) I go wheresoever adventure is to be found...

Well said! We won't get far wallowing in the shallows!

Hah! A man of action!

Heh, that's what they tell me.

Right, then. If all are still committed to the journey, then I say we make ready to depart.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.

Eager as they are, the others have already left for the harbor.

We're not in danger of missing the boarding call, but perhaps we should be on our way as well.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
066464 hr1.png BGM change
Savoring the moment? I can feel your excitement...your eagerness to explore the unknown!
Well, for once the fate of the world doesn't rest on our shoulders. We might even get a chance to enjoy ourselves!
Do not be so quick to relax.

Though Tural may seem but a short sail away on a map, the vast seas between brim with peril. The treacherous waters of Shades' Triangle alone have claimed countless vessels.

Even following the “safe” route plotted by Admiral Bloefhiswyn herself, this will be no pleasure cruise.
Perhaps, but my voyage here was uneventful enough. Disappointingly so!

Either way, the two of you have firsthand experience!

Which will be of great comfort in the days ahead, I'm sure.
...Aye, it's nothing new to us!
All aboard! We're castin' off!
It's time. I trust you have everything you need.

And so does our ship cast off from the docks.

We sail west, as Ketenramm did some eighty years past, bound for the "New World" —known to her children as the continent of Tural.
Just wait, Papa! When this contest is said and done, it'll be your daughter who sits the throne... Me, Wuk Lamat!
066464 hr1.png BGM change
Smooth sailing so far?

Aye, so far, so good.

But this sea, she's a fickle one. Calm one moment, blowin' a gale the next.
I'll take my rest while I can, then.

We left port what seems an age ago now, and we've seen naught but open water ahead. I knew Tural was far, but it's another thing to really know.

Speaking of which, some of our fellow passengers have made this trip before─several times in fact. I was able to learn a few things about Tuliyollal and the rite of succession.

Since we still have a long way to go─why not have a chat with them yourself? I'm sure you have questions of your own.

Did you look out across these same waters, Grandfather...?
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.

Resume your voyage to Tural?

Yes No
I'd heard Erenville was looking for passage to Tuliyollal, so I managed to squeeze his party aboard one of our chartered vessels. As fortune would have it, we had just scheduled an expedition to Tural.

I'm told this vessel has been equipped with a barrier generator to protect it from storms.

A reassuring thought─though I nevertheless pray there will be no need for it...
I can feel my edge start to dull on these long sea voyages. How about some light sparring later?
Deep breaths... Deep breaths...
Have you spoken with our shipmates? Tural is still a good distance away, and it might be a pleasant way to pass the time.

Did you want to make a wager? We're taking bets on who'll be sat next in the Dawnservant's shiny chair.

There are four claimants in the rite of succession─your young Wuk Lamat being one of them, of course.

But from what a Mamool Ja bloke was telling us, the other three are all strong contenders. Not too many keen to risk their coin on the Third Promise.

Wait, I recognize you─you're the champion of Eorzea! If the Third Promise has you on her side, then that shifts the odds a fair bit! I might have to change my bet...

Hm? Oh, this will be my first visit to Tural.

Fonjeantaine's the name. I was working at Eshtaime's Aesthetics in Ul'dah, you see, but my employment with them, uh...came to an end.

That's why I visited Sharlayan, in the hopes of starting over. While I was attempting─and failing─to find a new job, I seized the chance to board this vessel when I overheard room for another passenger had suddenly opened up.

I'm told the Dawnservant welcomes all regardless of origin, and so Tuliyollal seemed like the perfect place to begin anew.

<sigh> Hopefully things will be better this time...

I wonder what the city will be like...

My story? Well, since you asked, I wanted to retrace the historic journey of the great Ketenramm. You know─the first Eorzean to set foot on Tural, almost eighty years ago.

The Mamool Ja's leader is said to have welcomed Ketenramm with open arms, and sent him home with a bounty of silverware as a token of their friendship.

But the real treasure was the crops he brought back─popotoes, tomatoes, and corn─which spread across Eorzea like wildfire. His grand adventure led to a culinary revolution!

The tales say Ketenramm returned to Tural several times after that, but his ship vanished during his last recorded voyage, and he was never heard from again. That even a seasoned explorer like him could meet such an end is testimony to the ocean's peril...

Some parts of Tural are said to be so remote that not even Ketenramm made it to them. If I could explore those places, then perhaps I'll become even more famous than him!

An adventurer, I presume?

I'm a merchant myself, based in Ul'dah. Specialty imports and exports, Eorzean and Turali both.

If this is your first “crossing the salt,” as they say, do remember that the social mores of Eorzea are not necessarily the same as those over yonder.

Consider this: it is not uncommon for the various races to be referred to instead by the names of certain clans. For the Miqo'te, the Hhetsarro; the Hrothgar, the Xbr'aal. Not because every member of a given clan is of the same race, mind, but because many individuals of said race are associated with that clan. A fair assumption, in certain cases─but take care not to give offense.

The goods I'm bringing over on this trip are a rare sight to the Turali, so I expect to make a decent profit. The local merchants are an agreeable folk.

I see you in Eorzea before. You great and famous hero.

...Gah, I've had enough of playing the simpleton. There was a time when we took great pains to maintain the deception, but with more of you Eorzeans coming to Tural, it's become impractical.

Besides, my mercenary days are over. Too many of our warband have fallen, and so we head home to lick our wounds...

I look forward to a long soak in the hot springs of Urqopacha. And no complaints when I dance the bathing dance.

Did you learn anything of interest?

Oh! I hadn't heard that about the clan names. We should have Wuk Lamat and Erenville teach us the ones we should know.

Actually, it's getting a little chilly up here on deck. Let's all gather in the cabin.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
066464 hr1.png BGM change
We're in for a proper storm, it seems.
How's your stomach? Any better?
I don't know...what you mean. I don't get seasick.
I'm just feeling...a little nauseous, is all...
Isn't that what seasickness is...?
Erenville, you were born in Tural, yes? Do many Viera live there?
The Shetona, as my people are called, have settlements mainly in the north, in Xak Tural.
And your family?
I know nothing of my father─not even his name.
As for my mother...
066464 hr1.png BGM change
We're in the teeth of it now, lads! Reef that sail afore the mast snaps!
Oh dear...
Who the hells was on watch!? This wind's too strong to take in the sai─aaargh!
Man fallen off the mast! We need help!
Get him belowdecks first!
Quickly, before he's washed overboard!
Come, we should lend what aid we can.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.

I have not seen the ocean Rage with such fury before or since.

The heaving waves tossed our ship about like a toy, sending sailors tumbling...

The Dauntless Alisaie, quick to the rescue, was almost lost to the see herself.

Meanwhile, our champion rushed to deploy the vessel's magical defenses, and thereby shield us from the lightning.

What an extraordinary life he must lead to be able to operate such a device with practiced ease.

Wuk Lamat, too, through herself into the rescue efforts, though one might have mistaken her for another soul in distress.

By the time the unruly seas had calmed, our strength was all but spent, and we had yet to even glimpse the shores of Tural.

In retrospect, of course, that battle against the storm would prove a fitting prelude to the coming contest for the throne.
066464 hr1.png BGM change
Morning. Joining us for some fresh air?

Seems my belly has settled along with the weather, but I'll feel much better once we're on solid ground.

Ugh, can't be much farther now...can it?
Land must be near. You need only hold out a while longer.
For a dark moment, I thought the ocean might swallow us. Glad to have my pessimism proven wrong.
In other good news, I examined the sailor who took a fall, and he's faring well. I'm sure he'll make a full recovery.
Good news indeed. If all's well, then we needn't delay in launching the landing boat.
Ships have to lower anchor some way from shore. Too close, and they risk having their underbellies ripped open by the reefs that crowd Tuliyollal's coasts. Come.
Thanks for bringing us all this way!
Hah, we only did what we were paid to do! Couldn't hardly set ye adrift halfway!

If anythin', it should be us thankin' you for helpin' us through that beast of a storm!

As a matter o' fact, everyone's startin' to fancy yer chances in the contest. At this rate, we won't be able to lay wagers no more!
Then I'd better not let you down!
066464 hr1.png music stops
Ulp... Easy, stomach. Easy.
We're the last to board. If there's nothing left to say, then let's shove off, shall we?
066464 hr1.png BGM change
Ahh! Blue seas, clear skies, and boundless possibilities... I daresay our destination will soon be in sight.
Enjoying yourself for a change?
There, look my friends! Behold the scene of our next great adventure!
At last, we are come to the land you call the “New World.” To my home, Tural!
066464 hr1.png BGM change
Gods... I've seen cities with an impressive mix of cultures, but this is something else!
Is that a...? No. I've never seen Vanu feathers in that color before.
You'll find much here you never knew existed! There may be a sea route now, but visitors to Tuliyollal are still few and far between.
And as we don't build seafaring ships, only a handful of Turali ever venture abroad.
Mamool Ja sellswords, mostly. Those willing to play the fool sail with Lominsan merchants to secure employment in Eorzea.
I suppose that makes us a rare sight in your country.
Rare and currently undocumented. Were there some forms we should fill out, or...?
Forms? Did you forget who you're traveling with?
You are outsiders? Visitors to Tural?
We are.
Our nation is soon to hold a rite of succession to choose its next Dawnservant.
We will not abide interference from foreign agents seeking to foment trouble. What brings you to Tuliyollal?
I can answer that. These fine people are allies in my succession bid.
Th-Third Promise! If you vouch for them, then all is well, of course!
Please accept our apologies!
No need to bow and scrape! That our soldiers are so diligent in their duties fills me with pride.
We'll be continuing our patrol, then!
Well, well. You really are a figure of authority here.
Are you suggesting I don't look the part!?

Anyway, first things first...

I bid you welcome to Tuliyollal!
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.
Ahhh, it's so nice to feel that familiar breeze again... I wasn't sure my stomach would make it.
According to Erenville, the Vanu I thought I saw belongs to a clan known as the Hanuhanu. It seems they share more than a physical resemblance.
What an amazing city─as lively as Ul'dah, and even more colorful...
I wonder what kind of trouble those soldiers are expecting?
Well, despite the storm's efforts to the contrary, here we are. Safe and sound.
Quest Complete
You have arrived in Tuliyollal! You can return to the city at any time by speaking with the swarthy sailor in Scholar's Harbor in Old Sharlayan.

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