A Qiqirn Always Pays His Debts

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 50   A Qiqirn Always Pays His Debts
A Qiqirn Always Pays His Debts-Quest.png
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
Gil Icon.png1,374
Informationicon.png Description
The deputy postmoogle would have you deliver the undeliverable
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
Issuing NPC: Deputy Postmoogle
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks -Bulwark Hall  (10-11)
Type: Side Story Quest
Required Items
Letter to Jijiroon Icon.png
NPCs Involved: Bango ZangoMemeroonBum-bailiffJijiroonMamool Ja Mercenary CaptainRetired Reaver
Mobs Involved: Mamool Ja BounderMamool Ja Savant
Items Involved: Letter to Jijiroon
  • Despite his proclivity for delegation, the deputy postmoogle took the rare decision to deliver an urgent missive himself, only to find no trace of the intended recipient at the given address. Chagrined to find the undeliverable letter must be returned to sender, yet quick to spot opportunity in adversity, he awards the awkward assignment to his trusted trainee, that you might gain valuable experience in dealing with the wrath of a disappointed customer. He bids you round the corner to Bango Zango, the prickly vice-chair of the Brugaire Consortium.
  • Bango Zango is furious to find the letter undelivered, but not with you: he is angry with Jijiroon, the intended recipient of his missive, who appears to have skipped out on a sizable debt to the Consortium. He asks that you assist him in tracking down the evasive Qiqirn. Journey to upper La Noscea, and question his younger brother, Memeroon, who runs a trading post on the banks of Bronze Lake.
  • Memeroon knows little of his brother's woes, and even less of his current location, but pledges to aid your search in any way he can. He suggests that you cross the lake to Jijiroon's own trading post, and search for any clues that his harried brother may have left behind.
  • At the trading post, you cross paths with a burly bailiff, sent by the Consortium to collect on Jijiroon's debt. Among the Qiqirn's abandoned belongings, a hurriedly emptied chest piques the bagman's interest. However, if the local junkmonger is to be believed, the box contained naught but Mamool Ja currency-- worthless to all but the lizardmen. The collector speculates that Jijiroon may have gone north to buy protection from the Mamool Ja, but is unwilling to follow the trader into beastman territory without a significant increase to his feee. Journey north, through the shallow reaches of Bronze Lake, and try to track Jijiroon down.
  • You discover Jijiroon in parley with a lizardman mercenary, but the panicking trader doesn't stop to chat. Fearing you to be a Brugaire Consortium enforcer, he quickly strikes a deal with the Mamool Ja to enter their protection. While he and the mercenary flee to the north, a pair of scaly soldiers emerge from the waters to harry your pursuit. Throw off your attackers, and search for signs of Jijiroon in Zelma's Run.
  • In Zelma's Run, you meet with the Mamool Ja mercenary Jijiroon hired to protect him. He explains that the deal the Qiqirn struck only guaranteed his protection from you: when your acquaintance from the trading post came to seize the trader, the beastmen stood aside. With the mercenary's contract fulfilled, and Jijiroon in the collector's custody, all that remains is to return to Memeroon's trading post and inform his brother of all that befell.
  • Familiar with the workings of piratical justice, Memeroon fears his unlucky brother is fated to be packed in a barrel and thrown in the lake. He urges you to return to Jijiroon's trading post, and persuade your debt-collecting friend not to give his brother the old heave-ho.
  • You find the collector, his catch already barreled and ready to be nudged off the pier. But just as push is about to come to shove, Memeroon bursts in, with a sack of gil large enough to repay his brother's debts. Satisfied with the settlement, the bailiff turns Jijiroon loose. The dejected Qiqirn offers his trading post in payment for his brother's assistance, but Memeroon refuses, despite the boost to his fortunes that such a transaction would entail. For despite their differences, it is only his respect for Jijiroon's business brain that drives him to succeed. Henceforth do they pledge to compete against each other not as hated foes, but as respected rivals, and to usher in a new age of prosperity for their businesses both.
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