A Relic Reborn (The Veil of Wiyu)

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 50   A Relic Reborn (The Veil of Wiyu)
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Rewardsicon.png Rewards
Guaranteed Rewards
The Veil of Wiyu
Achievement Rewarded
033457.png Green Eyes
Informationicon.png Description
Gerolt has the air of a man defeated.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
Issuing NPC: Gerolt
North Shroud -Peacegarden -Hyrstmill (30-20)
Type: Sidequest
Class: Summoner
Quest: Sidequest1 Icon.pngPrimal Burdens,
Sidequest1 Icon.pngThe Weaponsmith of Legend
Required Items
Timeworn Veil of Wiyu Icon.png Erudite's Picatrix of Casting Icon.png Savage Might Materia III Icon.png Alumina Salts Icon.png Amdapor Glyph Icon.png Under the Veil Icon.png Unfinished Veil of Wiyu Icon.png White-hot Ember Icon.png Howling Gale Icon.png Hyperfused Ore Icon.png Radz-at-Han Quenching Oil Icon.png
NPCs Involved: RowenaFafajoniGerolt
Mobs Involved: Dhorme ChimeraSylpheed SighSylpheed SnarlSylpheed ScreechHydra
Items Involved: Timeworn Veil of WiyuErudite's Picatrix of CastingSavage Might Materia IIIAlumina SaltsAmdapor GlyphUnder the VeilUnfinished Veil of WiyuWhite-hot EmberHowling GaleHyperfused OreRadz-at-Han Quenching Oil
NPC Locations
Gerolt in North Shroud (x:30.3, y:20.3)
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Rowena in Mor Dhona (x:22, y:5)
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Portly Moogle in North Shroud (x:30.5, y:20.2)
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Fafajoni in Eastern Thanalan (x:14.9, y:30.2)
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Sidequest4 Icon.png 
Gerolt in North Shroud (x:30.3, y:20.3)
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  • Gerolt has reluctantly agreed to lend his expertise to the restoration of a legendary arm of yore. For the first step, the weaponsmith bids you venture to the Sylphlands in the East Shroud to retrieve the Veil of Wiyu. Search for a vessel in which the valuable relic might be kept.
  • You have obtained the timeworn Veil of Wiyu. Make your way back to Hyrstmill and present the relic to Gerolt.
  • According to Gerolt, the restoration process involves merging the old with the new─that is, embedding the original relic in a new host weapon. To this end, you must bring him an erudite's picatrix of casting melded with two grade three savage might materia.
  • You have delivered the materia-enhanced erudite's picatrix of casting to Gerolt. The weaponsmith next directs you to go to the Weeping Saint in the Coerthas central highlands, and obtain alumina salts from the dhorme chimera.
※The dhorme chimera can be confronted via the Duty Finder upon examining the quest destination.
※This objective must be completed as a summoner.
  • You have painstakingly obtained the pinch of alumina salts. Make your way back to Hyrstmill and deliver it to Gerolt.
  • Using the alumina salts you brought him, Gerolt adds the finishing touches to your relic weapon. Even as he declares his work over, however, the man believes that there is still something incomplete about it. In order to shed light upon the mystery, Gerolt suggests that you seek out literature surrounding the hero associated with the relic. Perhaps the trader Rowena back at Revenant's Toll will be able to assist you in this endeavor.
  • You have consulted Rowena, who agrees to procure the literature you seek...for a price. For your part of the deal, you must obtain for her an Amdapor glyph. Make your way through Amdapor Keep in the South Shroud, and procure this artifact.
※Amdapor Keep can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
※This objective must be completed as a summoner.
  • You have successfully obtained an Amdapor glyph. Make your way back to Revenant's Toll and deliver it to Rowena.
  • You give the Amdapor glyph to Rowena, who upholds her promise and furnishes you a copy of Under the Veil. You now possess literature on the hero who once wielded the relic weapon. Gerolt the weaponsmith will be keen to peruse it.
  • After a cursory examination of the text, Gerolt declares that he will require some time to make sense of its contents. In the meantime, you are to familiarize yourself with the restored weapon in its current state. Arm yourself with the unfinished Veil of Wiyu, make your way to the Sylphlands in the East Shroud, and there slay eight sylpheed snarls, eight sylpheed sighs, and eight sylpheed screeches.
  • You have defeated the specified sylphs. Return to Hyrstmill and report your success to Gerolt.
  • Upon your return, Gerolt deduces that you must face mightier adversaries if you are to experience a revelation pertaining to your relic. To this end, he bids you challenge the hydra within Halatali, the abandoned training grounds situated in eastern Thanalan. Armed with the unfinished Veil of Wiyu, enter Halatali and defeat the hydra.
※The hydra can be confronted via the Duty Finder upon examining the quest destination.
  • You have overcome the hydra. Take word of your accomplishment back to Gerolt at Hyrstmill.
  • Combining information gleaned from the text with your firsthand experience, Gerolt has ascertained what must be done next. Hand over the unfinished Veil of Wiyu to the weaponsmith.
  • Gerolt declares that but one step remains in the restoration. In order to create the raging fire that he needs, the weaponsmith bids you fetch him a white-hot ember, a howling gale, and a chunk of hyperfused ore. The first of these can be obtained by defeating Ifrit within the Bowl of Embers (Hard).
※The Bowl of Embers can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
※This objective must be completed as a summoner.
  • You have extinguished the Lord of the Inferno and obtained a white-hot ember. Next, take on Garuda in the Howling Eye (Hard) and defeat her to obtain a howling gale.
※The Howling Eye can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
※This objective must be completed as a summoner.
  • You have silenced the Lady of the Vortex and obtained a howling gale. Next, take on Titan in the Navel (Hard) and defeat him to obtain a chunk of hyperfused ore.
※The Navel can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
※This objective must be completed as a summoner.
  • You have buried the Lord of Crags and obtained a chunk of hyperfused ore. Deliver it along with the white-hot ember and the howling gale to Gerolt.
  • You have delivered the three items Gerolt requires to create a raging fire. Now he only wants for a bottle of Radz–at–Han quenching oil to complete the restoration of your relic. Obtain this item and deliver it to the weaponsmith.
  • You have delivered the bottle of Radz–at–Han quenching oil to Gerolt, who promptly sees to the final stage of the restoration process. After no small amount of effort and perseverance, you are now the proud owner of the Veil of Wiyu. May it serve you well in your adventures to come!

Gerolt: Jus' let me make one thing clear: it might be as I'm repairin' kettles to pay for yesterday's mead, but I still got me pride as a master weaponsmith. Ye'll get no less than the finest out of me forge. An' it might be as ye've got that godsdamned slip of paper, but it'll only get ye so much. Restorin' relics like these calls for some rare ol' materials, an' I ain't got none. So if you want the job done, ye'll have to run along an' fetch 'em for me. So, what is it ye want restored? Did I hear ye rightly? Yer sayin' that you revived the long lost Allagan art o' summonin'? Bloody hells, I'd always thought 'twas naught but a myth... If it's as ye say, the tales I heard growin' up might well have some truth to 'em. In particular, the one about the maiden Wiyu springs to mind. 'Twas the most detailed among 'em, ye see. She was a right ravishin' lass, this Wiyu, with bright green eyes an' a fiery spirit to match. Alas, she goes on to meet a premature end. Accordin' to the tale, she an' her comrades square off against Odin, the Dark Divinity. When the battle takes an ill turn, she sacrifices herself to save her party. Right tragic, I know. Now, the encounter s'posedly took place in the Sylphlands, over in the East Shroud.

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