A Sky Pirate's Life for Me (L)

Levequest1 Icon.png
 Lv. 56   A Sky Pirate's Life for Me (L)
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
Experience Gil
Expicon.png368,064 Gil Icon.png~4,160
Possible Items
Wind Crystal Icon.png x26 Wind Crystal Icon.png x38 Ice Crystal Icon.png x26 Ice Crystal Icon.png x38 Dark Chestnut Lumber Icon.png x10 Hallowed Chestnut Lumber Icon.png x10 
Informationicon.png Description
Following a tragic airship ambush by wyverns, a comradery of Ishgardian merchants have decided enough is enough, and rally behind an enraged widow to form a wandering brigade of armed escorts eager to dock any ship to splatter the decks with wyvern gore. The temple knights welcome any man or woman that holds such hatred against the foe to take to arms of their own accord, so I would ask you make them bows with tightened strings that sing as the curs fall from the heavens.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
Temple Knights Minister of Coin, Amianne Tristelle
Issuing NPC: Eloin
Foundation - The Arc of the Humble  (10-10)
Classes: Carpenter
Type: Tradecraft
Guildleve: Constancy
Location: Foundation
Required Items
Hallowed Chestnut Composite Bow Icon.png
Items Involved: Hallowed Chestnut Composite Bow

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