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A Twist of Fête

FeteIcon.png Lv. 1   A Twist of Fête    5m

Zone: The Firmament - Bright Ballad's Passage  (11.4-8.3)
Indicate your participation in the fêtes by performing the mascots' poses back at them.

[You must be a Disciple of the Hand or the Land to play.]

Experience Skybuilders' Scrips
Expicon.png2% of current level Skybuilders' Scrip Icon.png100 (Gold), 60 (Silver)
Conditional Reward
Fête Present Icon.png x2 (Gold/6 correct) Fête Present Icon.png x1 (Silver/?-5 correct) 

Hear ye, hear ye! Fêtes are about to commence!

If you wish to participate in these light-hearted games, please gather at Bright Ballad's Passage.

Artisans of all persuasions can join in the fun and win fabulous prizes!

We eagerly look forward to your participation!

This is the final call for fêtes! If you wish to participate, please hasten to Bright Ballad's Passage.
(- Spectator -)
<wheeze> Ugh, I've got a stitch...

I've been looking forward to this!

What a crowd!

How exciting!

My body is ready!


Celebrate good times, come on!

Are we all here?

Wait for meee!

Keep running, we are almost there!
fête Joined
Greetings, friends, and thank you for joining in the Skyrise Celebration!
Today, we will be hosting a variety of fêtes─the first of which serves as an introduction to our friendly team of mascots.
Mighty Moogle, at your service, kupo. Made of sterner stuff though I am, I'm in charge of the fête “Made of Softer Stuff”!
Chirpy Chocobo is my name, and “Shear-a-Yak” is my game. Under my fluffy wing, you will shear as you've never shorn before!
And last but definitely not least, I am Perky Piggy. My swinelings and I look forward to making a “Toy Hunter” out of you!
Remember these mascots well, for they will be your guides throughout the revelry. On which note, let us dive into the fête!
The mascots will take turns striking their favorite poses, and we ask that you show your celebratory spirit by posing in kind.
Here is a pose that maximizes your muscular appeal.
Do the mighty maximizer, and show the fine specimen that you are, kupo!
Before using the aetheromatic clipper, it is important to point and acknowledge.
To that end, we do the chirpy checker!
When searching for treasure, one must keep one's eyes peeled.
To help you practice, I bid you do the perky peeler with me!
Hereon, the order will be random.
Show the fine specimen that you are with the mighty maximizer, kupo!
When searching for treasure, keep your eyes peeled with the perky peeler!
Before using the aetheromatic clipper, point and acknowledge with the chirpy checker!
I trust you are now acquainted with our friendly mascots. With that, let us move right along to the next fête.
fête Complete
Mighty Moogle, whose big muscles are equaled only by his big heart, awaits you on the Mattock for “Made of Softer Stuff”!
My turn to shine, kupo!
Here we go!

World: Hydaelyn
Landmass: Aldenard
Region: Coerthas
Subregion: Ishgard
Zone: The Firmament
Area: Bright Ballad's Passage
Coordinates: 11.4-8.3
Level: 1
Type: Fête
Required Status: Be warned that you must be a Disciple of the Hand or the Land to receive rewards.