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Adjunct Ostyrgrein

Enemy Humanoid Genus Icon.pngAdjunct Ostyrgrein  Zoneicon.pngMob14 Icon.png
Enemy Humanoid
Level 54
Job(s) Gladiator
Gender Male
Adjunct Ostyrgrein.png
Species Description:
Genus Description:
Those of the wandering races often find themselves at odds with even their own kind, whether these threats be from Imperials, cultists, heretics, or simple brigands. Many of these "species" are thus created not from a biological perspective, but from a game mechanic perspective for ease of classification.
Zone Level Drops Notes
Rhotano Sea
  Questinvolvementicon.pngBlood on the Deck
 54 Aggressive.png
Name Level Starter Type
&000000000000005400000054&000000000006809800000068,098&Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".{{{Index}}}Blood on the DeckBlood on the Deck &000000000000005400000054 Musosai Disciple of War Job Quests
Ostyrgrein translates roughly to "Eastern Bronze".
He begins fighting as a gladiator, animations and all despite his weapon. He'll mostly go through his Rage of Halone combo. Eventually he'll show off the one Samurai move he knows: Tenka Goken, albeit an extremely slow version that's easy to dodge. After Musosai calls him out on it he will begin using Mudslinger to inflict stun for a few seconds before using Tenka Goken, making it more difficult, but far from impossible, to dodge. His last trick at low health will be to use Bombslinger, dropping several AoEs all over the stage. Simply dodge those, and he should be easy enough to finish off.
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