Aether Current

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In certain Heavensward zones, attuning to Aether Currents will allow certain mounts to fly. Some Aether Current are rewarded for completing quests, and others are found in the field. Attuning to all Aether Current in a zone will allow for flight.
Coerthas Western Hightlands
Q1 For All the Nights to Come
Q2 Baby Steps
Q3 Protecting What's Important
Q4 Bridge Over Frozen Water
Q5 Purple Flame, Purple Flame
F1 (20.8-21.3-0.5)
F2 (30.0-19.3-1.0) In a small frozen puddle past Black Iron Bridge
F3 (29.1-26.2) On a small hill before Black Iron Bridge
F4 (16.3-18.7-0.4)
F5 (9.3-15.0-0.8)
F6 (15.8-22.3) On a hill overlooking the settlement
F7 (20.5-8.9) In a small ruin in front of the dungeon
F8 (31.5-11.8) Climb the stairs, jump to the small roof on the right and shimmy round the side
F9 (35.1-27.0-0.2) At the bottom end of the ravine
F10 (30.6-33.7) Walk out of Falcons Nest just a little ways out
The Dravanian Forelands
Q1 A Lesson in Humility
Q2 The Hunter Becomes the Kweh
Q3 Stolen Munitions
Q4 Some Bad News
Q5 Mourn in Passing
F1 (30.6-36.2-0.6)
F2 (17.3-29.6-0.9)
F3 (14.4-27.0-1.2)
F4 (12.9-14.0-1.5)
F5 (26.7-30.0-0.6)
F6 (24.5-19.8-1.0)
F7 (32.3-23.6-1.0)
F8 (31.2-16.8-1.0)
F9 (39.9-21.9-1.1)
F10 (37.8-28.3-1.4)
The Dravanian Hinterlands
Q1 Saro Roggo's Common Life
Q2 Taking Stock
Q3 Ebb and Aetherflow
Q4 Louder than Words
Q5 Forbidden Knowledge
F1 (13.4-35.9-1.0)
F2 (25.1-36.9-1.8)
F3 (21.5-36.9-1.1)
F4 (14.7-24.7-1.1)
F5 (12.8-16.9-1.1)
F6 (18.5-13.5-0.7)
F7 (24.5-19.0-0.3)
F8 (31.9-22.0-0.5)
F9 (29.5-21.3-0.4)
F10 (37.1-25.5-0.9)
The Churning Mists
Q1 Waiting to Inhale
Q2 Hide Your Moogles
Q3 Road Kill
Q4 The Bathing Bully
Q5 Into the Aery
F1 (29.3-19.9-0.5)
F2 (35.9-33.8-0.4)
F3 (34.5-15.8-0.7)
F4 (27.4-26.1-0.6)
F5 (21.0-30.1-0.8)
F6 (16.9-33.6-1.1)
F7 (7.0-27.4-2.0)
F8 (20.8-27.4-0.7)
F9 (30.9-35.7-0.3)
F10 (28.4-28.3-0.4)
The Sea of Clouds
Q1 Flying the Nest
Q2 Sleepless in Ok' Zundu
Q3 Honoring the Past
Q4 Clipped Wings
Q5 Bolt, Chain, and Island
F1 (11.2-15.5-2.0)
F2 (12.5-11.8-1.8)
F3 (15.2-9.3-1.8)
F4 (18.9-11.6-2.2)
F5 (27.3-10.9-2.6)
F6 (7.3-20.3-2.3)
F7 (7.3-25.8-1.8)
F8 (16.2-37.6-0.5)
F9 (9.2-33.0-1.1)
F10 (10.6-34.2-0.7)
Azys La
Q1 Systematic Exploration
Q2 In Node We Trust
Q3 Chimerical Maintenance
Q4 Close Encounters of the VIth Kind
Q5 Fetters of Lament