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Aether Current/Amh Araeng

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A Vein PursuitCharmless ManScavengers AssembleWork to Live or Live to WorkA Fresh Start14.8-28.9 (in Ladle on top of the dilapidated trolley depot)24.4-35.5 (in front of door to The Pristine Palace of Amh Malik)23.9-17.5 (atop rocks at end of Dragging Tail)14.6-16.7 (on rock next to trolley track)21.0-9.0 (atop a mining depot)24.7-28.1 (on a small ledge)28.3-32.2 (on the cliff at The Derrick)30.9-21.5 (edge of a rock)30.7-15.3 (Samiel's Backbone)29.9-10.4 (Qasr Sharl - cliff-side nearby bridge)AmhAraengCurrents.png