Aether Current/Il Mheg

The Forbidden LranDelightful DecorationsThe Path to PopularityA New AmaroAcht-la Ormh Inn20.3-14.9 (on an edge by Lyhe Ghiah tower)30.1-6.0 (on a small rock in Wolekdorf)24.0-8.6 (edge of a high ledge south of Pla Enni)25.1-13.0 (at top of small waterfall)21.7-4.4 (on a mushroom ledge in Pla Enni)14.9-10.2 (on top of a rocky stack behind trees)10.4-24.8 (on top of a rocky outcrop next to road)16.8-24.6 (atop the house in water)23.1-32.9 (on a large log)10.5-34.7 (edge of rocky outlook)IlMhegCurrentMap.png