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Aether Current/Kholusia

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A Disagreeable DwarfFugitive of FearVillage of WoeA Plankless TaskExtinguishing the Last Light34.1-17.2 (in Komra, on a ledge, drop down from above)20.2-21.1 (a small climb up a rocky outcropping)34-7-9.8 (deep inside The Duergar Mountains)18.9-13.4 (on a rocky outcropping)11.0-21.1 (just outside of the walls of Top Rung on the ground)7.5-34.0 (in Whisperwind Cove on a rock in shallow water)17.6-37.1 (at the base of the lighthouse)34.3-32.5 (end of short pier)35.0-24.1 (on top of a small rock)23.7-36.7 (behind shacks in Gatetown)KholusiaCurrentMap.png