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Aether Current/The Rak'tika Greatwood

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What We Do for FamilyThe Great DeceiverSuit UpStand on CeremonyThe Burden of KnowledgeF1: 34.6-16.0 (east of Fanow among mushrooms)F2: 26.2-11.8 (in The K'mul Astropolis ruins)F3: 31.7-22.9 (atop a large rock)F4: 28.6-15.5 (south cliff edge near to Fanow)F5: 28.2-25.5 (on cliff edge by path of blue flowers)F6: 4.1-25.0 (atop a red rimmed lily pad, swim to it)F7: 9.0-17.9 (inside the trunk of a large tree)F8: 19.3-22.6 (on a rock in a creek)F9: 8.8-32.5 (atop a large overhead branch)F10: 13.3-31.6 (atop a debilitated wall of Fort Gohn)TheRak'tikaGreatwoodCurrentMap.png