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Aether Current/The Tempest

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Community CohesionDebate and DiscourseResponsible CreationKoal of the CupsA Greater PurposeF1: (In the Caliban Gorge overlooking Amaurot)F2: 7.0-13.6 (in the Caliban Gap on a small illuminated shell)F3: 14.5-16.9 (on the sea floor at the foot of a large rock)F4: 22.3-17.9 (lower level in the Caliban Gorge on a white root structure)F5: 28.2-15.9 (on very high mushroom ledge)F6: 39.5-16.8 (inside The Crock of Pearls on the northernmost spur)F7: 35.5-23.1 (on the sea floor below a small waterfall)F8: 22.8-11.3 (on the rocks overlooking the Walls of the Forgotten)F9: 33.4-9.4 (on rock cliff accessible via Where the Dry Return cave)F10: 29.1-7.2 (on a small rocky landing)TheTempestCurrentMap.png