Aetherial Reduction

Aetherial Reduction Icon.pngAetherial Reduction

Break down an item to its aetherial components.[1]

Acquired: Disciple of the Hand Icon 1.png Disciple of the Hand (Lv. 56)
24px Disciple of the Land (Lv. 56)
Affinity: All Classes
Cast: The amount of time it takes from pressing an ability, to when the ability activates.Instant
Recast: The amount of time it takes from using an ability, to being able to use it again.Instant

Note that a higher Collectability on the item reduced will also result in a higher amount of materials received.

Reward from Quests (1)
Quest Level
No Longer a Collectable 56

Reducible Items

Item Primary Skill Reduction Level
Black Soil Botanist 60
Bog Sage Botanist 80
Clary Sage Botanist 60
Doman Yellow Botanist 66
Furymint Botanist 58
Granular Clay Botanist 56
Highland Oregano Botanist 56
Lover's Laurel Botanist 60 ★
Peat Moss Botanist 58
Sweet Marjoram Botanist 76
Torreya Branch Botanist 70
White Clay Botanist 76
Windtea Leaves Botanist 66
Yanxian Verbena Botanist ??

Item Primary Skill Reduction Level
Almandine Miner 70
Bright Fire Rock Miner 58
Bright Lightning Rock Miner 60
Fire Moraine Miner 56
Gale Rock Miner 76
Lightning Moraine Miner 56
Perlite Miner 66
Radiant Astral Moraine Miner 60 ★
Radiant Fire Moraine Miner 60
Radiant Lightning Moraine Miner 60
Schorl Miner 66
Shade Quartz Miner 80
Solarite Miner 76
Yanxian Soil Miner ??

Item Primary Skill Reduction Level
Caiman Fisher 58
Dravanian Bass Fisher 56
False Scad Fisher 66
Manasail Fisher 56
Poecilia Fisher 76
Predator Fisher 80
Pteranodon Fisher 58
Snow Crab Fisher 66
Sweatfish Fisher 70
Thaliak Caiman Fisher
Tupuxuara Fisher 60
Voeburt Bichir Fisher 76

  1. Allows you to reduce collectables with the Reducable tag to items, similar to desynthesis.