Aetheryte Camps Under Siege

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 Kipih Jakkya here, bright-eyed and sharp-eared, bringing you a report on the hitherto unknown entity spotted in the vicinity of various aetheryte camps.

Though eyewitness testimony has been conflicting, all sources agree that the mysterious beast possesses a frighteningly large mouth. Traumatized survivors spoke of an abysmal, hypnotic nothingness that stilled their very souls.

One recent account from Camp Brittlebark in Mor Dhona further states that, whilst hovering high above, the great jawed horror seemed to summon strange creatures from the aether. Panicked travelers fled for safety as the camp erupted into chaos, yet moments later the monster and its minions vanished as abruptly as they had first appeared.

Similar stories have led to speculation that these otherworldly beings are in fact voidsent.

According to Marcette, a naturalist at Eorzean Geographic, voidsent are creatures so radically different from the other inhabitants of Eorzea that, logically, they must have originated in another world (the “Void”, as it is commonly referred to by experts).

Could these unexplained occurrences be connected to the increasingly observed disruptions of elemental balance, as hypothesized by the Ishgardian scholar Domitien? Has the flow of aetheric energies grown so twisted that travel to other worlds is now possible, and is this massively mawed monstrosity the product of such a connection?

If so, to consider what might emerge next is truly terrifying. All adventurers are advised to be wary when visiting aetheryte camps.

In other news, Eorzeans everywhere have been discussing the hauntingly beautiful curtains of light observed throughout the land. While I have never before seen such an awe-inspiring sight, I cannot shake this troubling suspicion that it is yet another grave portent for our future.

I know not what lies ahead, but I shall continue to investigate these unnatural incidents and deliver the truth to our dear readers.

Till next time, may the Twelve watch over you and keep you safe.

Kipih Jakkya