Aeturna (Mount)

Aeturna (Mount) Icon.pngAeturna (Mount)Flying Mount 
During an expedition to Ilsabard in his younger years, Emperor Xande is said to have come upon this fearsome beast. As its name, meaning “eternal,” would suggest, it possesses remarkable vitality, and in addition to serving as an armored warbeast, it was also a subject in the Allagans' research into immortality.
Aeturna (Mount) Patch.png

Eternal life can be yours, ladies and gentlemen!
- Silver-tongued Broker

Acquisition: Have all 4 Enaratos Accessories (or 4 Orthos Tomestones) in your inventory and speak with Koh Rabntah in Mor Dhona.
Requires: Aeturna Horn
Movement: Terrestrial (Flying)
Roads Less Traveled
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You can receive an Orthos Tomestone after beating Eureka Orthos' top floor. You can also speak to the Synthesis Node to receive an Enaratos Accessory after beating Eureka Orthos' top floor.