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Ageless Melia

Treant Genus Icon.pngAgeless Melia  Zoneicon.png
Level 80
Ageless Melia.png
Genus Description:
These rare, animate trees are truly a formidable force, and even if they weren't, attempting to fell one is sure to invite the greenwrath upon you unless you have been given the blessing of the conjurers or moogles. Treants are towering, ambulatory seedkin that are native to The Black Shroud. These treelike creatures aggressively confront any whom they deem a threat to their home, and have thus earned a reputation as stalwart guardians of the forest. Treants are, however, possessed of less than towering intellect, and once they begin to flail their massive limbs, they often wreak more havoc then they originally sought to prevent. [1]
Zone Level Drops Notes
Name Description
Acorn Bomb (Mob Action) Pelt foes with seeds, releasing a cloud that puts them to sleep.
Arboreal Storm Create a storm of leaves that deal Wind damage to foes in an area of effect.
Canopy Slam down upon foes in a frontal cone.
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