Ain't Nobody Got Time for Rats

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 Lv. 1   Ain't Nobody Got Time for Rats
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Rewardsicon.png Rewards
Experience Gil
Expicon.png80 Gil Icon.png~11
Informationicon.png Description
Every summer, we lose more than a quarter of our yield here at the Red Rooster Stead to a plague of filthy rats who sneak into the fields at night and eat the young vegetables straight off the vine. Every winter, we lose another quarter to the same rats when they chew their way into our storage silos. If the quick-breeding pests are not continuously dealt with, our losses will grow even larger, and I will be forced to abandon the farm. The Stead seeks fleet-footed adventurers to come and chase down the creatures so that my family and I might rest easily.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
  • Eliminate target enemies.
  • Pack Rat: 0/5
Red Rooster Stead Landlord, Anaoc the Youngest
Tenacity (Guildleve).png
Issuing NPC: Wyrkholsk
Lower La Noscea - Cedarwood - Red Rooster Stead (31-20)
Classes: Disciples of MagicDisciples of War
Type: Battlecraft
Guildleve: Tenacity (Guildleve)
Duration: 20m
Location: Red Rooster Stead
Mobs Involved: Pack Rat

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