Alamenain (1.x)

This NPC was part of the original release of Final Fantasy XIV.
Unless otherwise documented, the NPC is missing, and presumed dead, from the Calamity.
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Removed Icon.pngAlamenain (1.x)  MISSING
Missing NPC
Last Seen
Zones: Central Thanalan
Locations: Black Brush
Last Words

I'm a research assistant in the employ of Master Mutamix, great father of materia.

Doubtless sensing my latent talent for melding, Master Mutamix has taken me under his wing. Of course, there is also the small matter of the mountain of debt I owe him... <sob>

Gender: Male
Race: Elezen
Clan: Wildwood Elezen
Occupation: Cauldron Carrier
Mentors: Mutamix Bubblypots
Additional Dialogue
Unlocking Materia Achievements
Alamenain: Nooo! Failure...again! <sob>

Alamenain: Wh-What? You've never seen a grown man cry? For gloating over my ill luck, I demand immediate satisfaction of you! Aye, if you possess a shred of decency, you will submit your ears to the tales of my many woes from now until the aurochs come home!

Alamenain:'re still here. Do you actually mean to listen? So be it! As an adventurer, I trust you can appreciate the burning desire to possess ever more powerful equipment. Well, it was to sate this desire that I took up materia melding.

Alamenain: But now I rue the day I ever gazed upon those accursed “stonyshines”! “Just one more,” I'd say to myself, “third time's the charm!”...Twelve strike me down for a fool! In my lust for power, I fell deep into debt and ended up losing everything─my home, a respectable job...even my loved ones.

Alamenain: All I have now is the goodwill of Master Mutamix, who pays me to assist his research. Gods know I want to despise the goblin for having brought materia to Eorzea...but who can I blame but myself for my downfall? <sigh>

Alamenain: Well, I had best get back to collecting data. That's my assigned task, you see─interviewing adventurers on their experiences with materia. If you yourself have anything noteworthy to share, I would like to hear of it. You'll be compensated for your time, courtesy of Master Mutamix.

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