Alexander (Primal)

NPC Icon.pngAlexander
  Monster / Primal


Rising without warning from the waters of the Thaliak River, this mechanical fortress is the result of the Illuminati fusing the ruins of a Sharlayan defense facility with the essence of a primal. Aside from its main trunk, the colossal construct rests on two massive "arms" of steel, giving it the appearance of a clockwork giant.

Events suggest that Alexander is capable of manipulating the flow of time, allowing its controllers to "correct" mistakes in history, but without further investigation there is much about the primal that remains unexplained.

Unlike the majority of beastmen deities, Alexander is not the creation of any specific myth or faith. It would be more accurate to describe the citadel as the primal manifestation of the ideals of Quickthinx Allthoughts—an incarnation of his vision for the perfect world.

The Illuminati leader found the core of his concept in the Engima Codex, a one-hundred-year old work containing the revelations of a genius Auri technologist, his mind inexorably drawn to the plans for a self-sustaining, mobile bastion of reason and logic. Considering Quickthinx's calculating nature, it is assumed that primal summoning was merely the most efficacious method of realizing his "Alexander Initiative."


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