Alexander - The Fist of the Father

Raidicon.pngAlexander - The Fist of the Father
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Alexander - The Fist of the Father.png
Since the Sharlayan exodus, a structure has stood steady against the flow of the Thaliak River. Now, the Illuminati have summoned a primal around this rusting ruin─a terrible colossus of steam and metal. Steel screamed against steel when it rose from the waters, and it drank deep of the land's aether before grinding again to a halt.

The voices of Idyllshire cry out, asking for aid ere their homes are crushed under the weight of iron. You must lead a band of valiant adventurers into the machina and discover how to destroy the core─lest the giant screeches again to life, and bleeds all the realm dry.


  • For eight players (2 tanks, 2 healers, 4 DPS)
  • The above composition requirement is not imposed upon preformed parties.
  • Class: Disciples of War or Magic.

Tankroleicon.png Healerroleicon.png Dpsroleicon.png
2 2 4
Type: Raid
Zone: The Fist of the Father
Region: Dravania
Minimum Level: 60
Synced Level: 60
Min iLvl: 170
Unlock Quest: Disarmed
Duty Finder: Raids (ARR & Heavensward)
Duty Roulette: Normal Raids
Expansion: Heavensward
Patch: Patch 3.01
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Icon.png

MainIcon78.png Blue Mage Log:
Gil Icon.png 500 Allied Seal Icon.png 15 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Icon.png 50
  • Clear Engine Room #262: 0/1
  • Clear Machinery Bay 44: 0/1
  • Arrive in Hanger 8: 0/1
  • Defeat the oppressor: 0/1
Attack Name Description
Sturm Dolls Spawn regularly, and each doll grants an additional Damage Up stack on the boss. Should be tanked and ignored.
Kalstrahl Frontal cleave that the boss will use extremely often. Face the boss away from the group.

Advice and Tips

  • Have the OT pick up all of the Sturm Dolls and just burn the boss.
(Blue Mage Spell Acquisition)
Kaltstrahl Icon.png
Oppressor has 2 distinct phases, during which it uses the following moves and mechanics.

Phase 1

Attack Name Description
Royal Fount Wide frontal cone AoE. Keep the boss faced away from the group.
Photon Spaser A long line AoE targeting a random player.
Resin Bomb Large AoEs that target random players.
Gunnery Pod Raid-wide AoE damage.
Hydrothermal Missile A random DPS will be marked with a circular red marker. After a few seconds, they will be targeted for multiple hits. Healers should top them off in between hits and/or use shield abilities.
Emergency Deployment Summons two Alarum adds on either side of the boss.
Alarum Clockwork spider adds summoned through Emergency Deployment. Will tether to the first player to hit them, preventing them from changing aggro to another person. On death, drops a pink puddle AoE that will afflict anyone who steps in it with a stack of Minimum, decreasing damage dealt and increasing damage taken. Necessary to prevent excessive damage from 3000-Onze Missile.
Siren Around ~50%, a siren will go off and the lights will flash red. A door at the North end of the arena will slide open, revealing Oppressor 0.5. Signals the start of Phase 2.

Advice and Tips

  • Try to kill the Alarum adds away from the boss so the melee can continue attacking without having to adjust for the minimum puddles.
  • Avoid standing in front of the boss so you aren't hit with Royal Fount.

Phase 2

Uses all abilities from Phase 1.

Attack Name Description
Oppressor 0.5 Uses abilities in sync with Oppressor. If the two bosses are too close, they will tether, and gain a stacking Damage Up buff.
3000-Onze Missile Each boss will summon a nuke in the air, slowly decending to the ground, where it is marked by a thin blue beam of light. On touchdown, deals massive damage and afflicts players (those who are alive that is) with a 30 second Damage Down debuff and a stacking Febrile debuff that lowers healing. To avoid this, players must kill their Alarum add directly on top of the blue laserbeam, allowing it to drop its minimum puddle. The nuke will be shrunk by the puddle and deal much less damage with no debuffs.
Quick Landing The bosses will fly away before dropping proximity markers adjacent to each other along one of the walls.

Advice and Tips

  • Tanks should pre-position themselves so that they can quickly run back to their spots to prevent the bosses from tethering after Quick Landing.
Tarnished Gordian Pedal Icon.png Tarnished Gordian Chain Icon.png Tarnished Gordian Bolt Icon.png
(Fixed Rate Drop)
Precision Gordian Bolt Icon.png Compact Axle Icon.png

Drop Table (5)
Item Type iLvl Requirements Stats
 Compact Axle Icon.png  
Compact Axle
Gold chest icon.pngFATE Icon.png
 Other  &00000000000000010000001&00000000000000010000001
Req. Level 1
A tiny-but-robust metallic spindle coveted by the goblins of Idyllshire, for reasons beyond your comprehension or ability to care.

 Precision Gordian Bolt Icon.png  
Precision Gordian Bolt
Gold chest icon.png
 Miscellany  &00000000000000010000001&00000000000000010000001
Req. Level 1
An expertly crafted bolt discovered in Alexander's Gordias sector.

 Tarnished Gordian Bolt Icon.png  
Tarnished Gordian Bolt
Gold chest icon.pngQuest Icon.png
 Miscellany  &00000000000000010000001&00000000000000010000001
Req. Level 1
A uniquely crafted bolt discovered in Alexander's Gordias sector.

One bolt can be traded for a special accessory.

 Tarnished Gordian Chain Icon.png  
Tarnished Gordian Chain
Gold chest icon.png
 Miscellany  &00000000000000010000001&00000000000000010000001
Req. Level 1
A uniquely crafted chain discovered in Alexander's Gordias sector.

One chain can be traded for a special belt.

 Tarnished Gordian Pedal Icon.png  
Tarnished Gordian Pedal
Gold chest icon.png
 Miscellany  &00000000000000010000001&00000000000000010000001
Req. Level 1
A uniquely crafted pedal discovered in Alexander's Gordias sector.

Two pedals can be traded for special foot gear.

Every player in the raid will receive 1 Precision Gordian Bolt upon defeating Oppressor.