All I Want for Starlight

Starlight Celebration Event Icon.png Lv. 15   All I Want for Starlight

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Amh Garanjy: Old Gridania - Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre (x:10.2, y:9.5)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: New Gridania → Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre

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Spacer2.png Any Class (Level 15)

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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Amh Garanjy is looking for someone to be her little helper this Starlight season.
※This quest is available for a limited time only.
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Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
080106.png15A Chocobo CarolStarlight Celebration Event Icon.png A Chocobo Carol (Level 15)

  • Amh Garanjy is looking for someone to be her little helper this Starlight season.
※This quest is available for a limited time only.
  • The celebrant Amh Garanjy wishes you a happy Starlight amidst a cheerful scene of families rejoicing amidst delightful decorations. There is, however, one child who is not feeling particularly festive: a boy by the name of Nalipponcque, who finds himself alone this eve despite a promise from his father─a bowman of the Gods' Quiver─that they would celebrate the holiday together. After the boy dejectedly wanders away, the celebrant muses that perhaps there is a way to return the smile to his face. To that end, she would have you visit one Piers at Quiver's Hold, that you might inquire as to the whereabouts of his colleague, the boy's father.
  • You arrive at Quiver's Hold and explain the situation to Bowman Piers, who relates to you the circumstances by which his fellow quivermen have been recruited to perform in this year's Starlight concert. He explains that Lartonphe, in particular, is an accomplished vocalist who will be one of the stars of the show. The bowman surmises that his colleague has been sneaking off in secret from his son to rehearse for his performance, and encourages you to seek him out and share with him his son's concerns. At Piers's suggestion, you decide to make for Bentbranch Meadows, where the crooning quiverman means to reunite with his loyal chocobo.
  • You arrive at Bentbranch Meadows, where Eylgar the stablehand informs you that Lartonphe departed just a few bells ago. He also mentions that he suggested that the quiverman take his chocobo companion for a walk by the gentle waters of the Jadeite Flood, in hopes of calming the bird's troubled heart. You resolve to venture that way yourself, and survey the surroundings to see if you cannot spot your quarry.
  • At the Jadeite Flood, you are greeted by the sound of singing and chirping in the distance. Following your ear, you come upon Lartonphe and his feathered friend, who are practicing their singing on the shores of the Flood. As the quiverman tells it, the bird was not suffering from an ailment as he feared, but simply was stimulated by his voice, and anxious to join him in song and dance. He laments his own failures in causing his son grief during Starlight season, and resolves to make amends somehow. Man and chocobo then depart to prepare for the performance, but not before Lartonphe beseeches you to return to Amh Garanjy, and ask the celebrant to see to it that his son attends the concert.
  • You return to Amh Garanjy and relate the details of your encounter with Lartonphe. She initially struggles to come up with a way to convince Nalipponcque to attend the festivities, until you volunteer the story of a certain singing and dancing chocobo. Convinced that nothing would make for a better Starlight gift to the boy than seeing his favorite bird take the stage with his father, the celebrant encourages you to return to Quiver's Hold and earnestly entreat the quiverman, while she sees to it that the boy does not wander off before the main event.
  • You arrive at Quiver's Hold to find the ever-serious Lartonphe in the throes of a dilemma most dire. Though he wants nothing more than to give his boy a joyous memory for Starlight, he fears that by his deception he has already alienated the poor child beyond repair. Just when the poor man seems to have lost all hope, the two of you are joined by a most illustrious trio: Miah Molkot of the White Rams, Guildmaster Luciane, and Bowlord Lewin himself. They remind the querulous quiverman of his sworn duty to keep the Twelveswood at peace, and gently point out that going forward with his Starlight performance as promised is a vital part of this. The three illustrious archers offer to cooperate in whatever way they can, after which you provide the final spark of motivation he needs with your inspired proposal that he bring his chocobo companion on stage─a suggestion to which both man and bird eagerly agree. The matter settled to everyone's satisfaction, you set off for Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre to report the triumphant news to Amh Garanjy.
  • You return to town and speak with Amh Garanjy, who is delighted to hear that your efforts on her behalf have been a resounding success. Assuring you that all the preparations to begin the Starlight concert have been completed, she invites you to speak with her again whenever you are ready to raise the curtain on what is certain to be a performance to remember.

Well, what have we here? An adventurer, I presume? Why, it's a Starlight miracle─you simply could not have arrived at a better time! Oh, but where are my manners? My name is Amh Garanjy, and I have the pleasure of serving as celebrant for this year's festivities.

Well, what have we here? If it isn't my favorite adventurer! Why, it's a Starlight miracle─you simply could not have arrived at a better time! As you may recall from our past meeting, I am Amh Garanjy, and I have the pleasure of serving as celebrant once again for this year's festivities.

As you can see, the celebration is in full swing, and I and my colleagues have once again transformed ourselves into the saint's little helpers to dole out gifts galore to the children of our fair realm.

Needless to say, there is more to Starlight season than presents and pretty ornaments. This year, we've once again decided to stage a musical performance. We will be ready to raise the curtain in a short while, and would be more than honored to have you in the audience!

It is our fervent wish that the gift of song, too, serves to warm the hearts and brighten the faces of each and every young boy and girl in town.
Gladsome Girl
Father! Oh Father, look! One of the saint's little helpers brought me a present!
Doting Dad
Oho! Now, isn't that a splendid thing! And do you know what else? Mother and I have prepared a great feast for the family tonight! Let us head home as soon as the concert is over.
Gladsome Girl
Will there be eel pie? You know I love an eel pie!
Buoyant Boy
Look! The show is about to begin!
Devoted Dad
That it is, son. Word is that it's going to be even grander than last year's performance.
Buoyant Boy
And because you don't have to work at the markets this year, we can see it together! It's a Starlight miracle!
Happy Starlight to you, child. Might I ask your name?
Huh? I...I'm Nalipponcque. What's it to you?
Why, what a lovely name! You can call me Amh. Pray tell, why the long face? Was your present not what you hoped it would be?
N-No, that's not it at all. I love the stuffed chocobo the little helper gave me. T-Truly...I thank you for your kindness.
It's just see, I really wish Father could be here.
...I see. Do tell me more.
Father serves in the Gods' Quiver. His name is Lartonphe. Perhaps you know of him?

Anyhow, he promised me a fortnight ago that this year─for certain!─we'd go to the festivities together. But then he was assigned to emergency duty. Ever since then, he scarcely comes home at night.

I know that these are dangerous times, and Father's task is an important one. But is it too much to ask that he could at least celebrate Starlight with his family?
With the Gods' Quiver, you say? It couldn't be...
Say, Nalipponcque... I have an idea. The concert will begin shortly. Why don't we watch it together?
Thank you, but I'd rather not. It wouldn't be any fun without Father, and besides...I don't care much for song and dance, anyway. Good evening to you.
The poor child... As if it weren't hard enough being alone during Starlight season, it must be even more painful to be surrounded by happy families rejoicing together. If only there were something we could do to return the smile to his face.

...To tell the truth, I just had an idea. The boy said that his father is a bowman of the Gods' Quiver, did he not?

As a matter of fact, a contingent from the Quiver has been enlisted to perform in our concert. It may merely be a coincidence, but I cannot help but wonder if this is the true reason Lartonphe is occupied of late.

And so I ask of you, adventurer: would you be so kind as to lend your talents to help me chase the shadows from a boy's troubled heart?

Thank you, my friend! The spirit of the saint truly does live on within you! A bowman by the name of Piers has been our main contact at Quiver's Hold. If there is anyone who could shed some light on the matter, it would be him.

Have you spoken with Piers at Quiver's Hold? I beg of you, friend, pray help us track down Lartonphe, that we might put a smile on poor young Nalipponcque's face!
I'm Piers, all right. Is there something you need?

Lartonphe's boy is looking for him, you say? That's odd. It's true that our bowmen have had their hands full ensuring the city was safe and secure for Starlight season, but it's hardly so onerous a task as to keep them away from seeing their families entirely.

That is, of course, unless...yes, that must be it.

Allow me to explain. As you may know, the Starlight Celebration can trace its origins back to ancient Ishgard. Indeed, many of the choral tunes sung during the celebration to this day were passed down to us by their Temple Knights.

To honor the tradition, we of the Gods' Quiver decided to join together with the Archers' Guild to take part in this year's Starlight concert, that we might lift the hearts of the children with song, just as our Ishgardian counterparts have done throughout the ages.

Now that you mention it, Lartonphe is one of those who will be taking to the stage for the main performance. No doubt he intends to keep this a secret until the curtain rises.

His mellifluous voice truly is a marvel to behold. Why, some would say he's the most talented tenor in all of Gridania.

...And his devotion to his craft is second to none. I would not be surprised if he gave the child some excuse about guard duty in order to sneak off and spend extra time rehearsing.

The performance is almost nigh, yes? If you and your colleagues are concerned, I suggest you seek Lartonphe out and inform him of his boy's plight.

Last I heard, he was headed to Bentbranch Meadows to reunite with his loyal chocobo, who was taken there for treatment after behaving erratically of late.

On the off chance that he's already moved on, just speak with Eylgar at the stables. He's like as not to know where Lartonphe went next.

Lartonphe is a passionate man in all that he does, but if there's two things he's more devoted to than anything, it's music and his feathered friend.
A quiverman by the name of Lartonphe, you say? Indeed, he left a few bells ago with his feathered friend in tow. If he hasn't returned to his post yet, I'd imagine they must have stopped off somewhere along the way.

The poor bird... She's not suffering from any physical ailment as far as I could see, and yet she's constantly crying out, champing at the bit, and stomping her feet.

I suggested to Lartonphe that perhaps the strain of recent battles is still weighing on her mind─happens to the birds just as it happens to us, you know─and that a leisurely walk through the woods might do them both some good.

Come to think of it, I remember him saying something about swinging by the Jadeite Flood on the way home. Mayhap you'd be able to find him there?

I can only hope that the soothing sights and sounds of the Jadeite Flood have helped to put that poor bird's heart at ease...
Ahem! Faaaaaa~lalalala!♪
Caroling Chocobo
Kweh! Kweh!♪
Caroling Chocobo
Kweh, kweh, kweh!♪
Hoho! Impeccable rhythm, my friend! I knew from the day we met that you were a chocobo after my own heart!
Caroling Chocobo
Oho, it seems we have a guest. And who might you be?

...Oh dear. It's true that I've been spending much of my time with my musical pursuits of late, but never did I think my boy would take it so hard...

I truly have made a mess of things, haven't I? And at the very time of the year when the smiles of the children are to take priority above all else...

Why, I could brighten the hearts of a hundred─nay, a thousand─children with my song, and it would mean not a thing if my dear Nali walked away with a frown!
Caroling Chocobo
A fine bird, is she not? Aye, she is my most loyal and treasured companion. This is why I was all the more troubled when she started to behave strangely of late.

And so, at the stablehand's suggestion, I took her on a stroll by the waters. Absent-mindedly, I began to hum a tune, when─wouldn't you know it─she started picking up her feet and prancing in time.

That's when it came to me─she wasn't ill, nor troubled of heart or mind. Far from it─she shares my profound passion for music, and merely wanted to join me in song and dance all this time! Isn't that right, my friend?
Caroling Chocobo
Kweh kweh!♪
Typically, Quiver's Hold is a stern and somber place, but as the Starlight Celebration drew nearer and nearer, our halls were filled with music and song. Doubtless she's just been beside herself with a desire to partake in the festivities along with her master.
What will you say?
Truly a friend for all seasons! Are you quite sure about that?
In any event, never in my wildest dreams did I expect my companion to respond so enthusiastically to my humble renditions of traditional Starlight carols.
...Would that Nali felt the same way. Sadly, the boy is of an age where he's more interested in animals than in song and verse. I can only hope that seeing his father perform on the grand stage will change that...

Oh, but the elementals take me! How soon I forget! You said my boy has already wandered away from the square, did you not!?

Which means that he will miss my performance! He will cry into his pillow tonight, thinking that his miserable father abandoned him, and on Starlight, no less!
Caroling Chocobo
Don't look so glum, you say? I suppose you're right. How can I hope to put a smile on my boy's face if I, myself, panic and frown?

...But I've rambled on enough already. The concert will be getting started at any moment, and my colleagues will be wondering what is keeping me. Might I ask one small favor of you before I go?

Pray explain the situation to the Starlight celebrant, and ask her to seek out my boy and see to it that he attends the performance. I would surprise him with a Starlight memory that will fill his heart with joy.

Thank you, my friend. You are truly a Starlight miracle in the flesh. And with that, my companion and I should be returning to the Hold. We shall see you at the concert─I trust you will be in attendance?
You were able to find Lartonphe, I trust? He returned not long ago. And it's a good thing, too! We were starting to worry we might have to delay the performance!
Well, if it isn't my favorite little helper! How fare you? Were you able to track down dear Nalipponcque's father?

...I see. Indeed, I suspected that may well have been the truth of the matter. So Lartonphe's passion for his musical pursuits is what has kept him away from his family...

I agree that a surprise appearance from his dear father would go a long way to raise the boy's spirits. Still, how are we to convince him to attend the concert? Yes, that is the rub...
What will you say?
He didn't seem interested in music... He did like his present...
Indeed, he did not. There must be something the boy fancies, but what could it be...?
Indeed, he sounded most pleased with his stuffed chocobo. If only there was a procession of chocobos or the like, perhaps we could convince him to attend, but I fear we have planned nothing of the sort...
What's this you say? Lartonphe's companion is a chocobo that dances and sings!? How positively, delightful, that is! Positively delightful!

If this remarkable bird were to take the stage with his dear father, no doubt Nalipponcque would be thrilled beyond belief! Why, he might even find himself enjoying song and dance as never he has before!

Yes, I believe I know just what we have to do. Leave the boy to me. In the meantime, will you seek out Lartonphe once more and convince him to make his feathered friend a part of his performance? Tell him it's for his son's sake.

If Lartonphe and the chocobo were to take to the stage together, I do believe it would be the boy's Starlight wish come true.
Oh, for woe! Whatever am I to do?

Forgive me, friend. I fear I find myself in the throes of desperation and despair. I had a mind to take the stage as planned, but I simply haven't the heart to do.

What a fool I was! I meant to surprise the boy with a performance for the ages, but what will he think when he finds out that his father is a liar and a coward who was fa-la-la'ing when he was supposed to be protecting the people of Gridania from harm? Why, he'll never trust me again...!
What is this whinging and wallowing in self-pity!? And you call yourself a quiverman!
B-Bowlord Lewin!? Wh-What brings you to this place...?
I will ask the questions here, Lartonphe. Tell me: what is your sworn duty as a bowman of the Gods' Quiver?
Wh-Why...of course it is to honor our pact with the elementals, to protect the Twelveswood from outside threats, and to see that not a single resident of fair Gridania comes to harm!
Well, yes...I suppose that is all true. But to put it in more simple terms, one might say it is to preserve peace in the forest, and see that our citizens can live happy and contented lives.
F-Forgive me, Bowlord. I do not quite understand what you are getting at...?
In other words, bringing smiles to the faces of Gridania's children is an important part of your duty to keep the peace in the Twelveswood! Do you understand meow─er, now?
We must honor the wishes of our forebears and pass them down to those who will follow in our footsteps. For it is only in doing so that we can see that the forest remains hale and hearty for ages to come.
...Interesting. Looking at you, I am reminded of my own father, once Bowlord of the Quiver in his own right.
He was a passionate man─devoted above all to his duties─and I admired him more than anyone in the world. Though I did not follow directly in his footsteps, I have chosen to honor his memory in my own way─by training the brave souls who will keep our fair wood at peace.
I-Instructor Molkot...and Guildmaster Luciane! Whatever has this humble bowman done to deserve this honor!?
I have no children of my own, and I would be lying if I said that watching you now, even in your worries, did not evoke in me a sense of envy...and of regret.

But even so, there is nothing I would rather see than a smile on the face of you and your boy. After all, it is the season for such things, is it not?

And so as Bowlord of the Gods' Quiver, I command you: put your fears aside, take the stage, and serenade young Nalipponcque to your heart's content. My colleagues and I will do all in our power to see that your deeply held wishes reach the boy.
Bowlord Lewin... I...I do not deserve this kindness.
Caroling Chocobo
Kweh kweh! Kweh!
Ah, but there I go being all glower and gloom again. Thank you, my loyal companion─you are always there for me in my darkest times.

And you, friend. You look as if there is something you wish to say. Do you have a proposal, pray tell, which might resolve my plight?

What if I were to include my feathered friend in my performance? For Nali's sake? Come to think of it, the boy has always been fond of the birds...
His dear father and one of his beloved birds taking the stage together? Meow that's an inspired idea if I've ever heard one!
Apologies─a slip of the tongue. When I say “meow,” I mean “meow”... Grrr. Not meow─meow! ...Bah!
I must say, it sounds like a foolproof plan to me as well. After all, the bird has been trained to serve on the battlefield. Surely a Starlight performance would be well within the realm of its capabilities.
Then I daresay the matter is settled. I trust you have no objections, Lartonphe?
N-None in the slightest, Bowlord Lewin!
...That is to say, if you do not, my fast, feathered friend. What say you? Will you do this for me and my boy?
Caroling Chocobo
Kweh! Kweh kweh kweh!
<sniff> Oh, whatever have I done to deserve such a constant companion...
Caroling Chocobo
Kweh! Kweh!
<sniff> Ah, right you are. Turn that frown upside down, yes?

And with that, I have but one last humble request to make of you, friend. Would you be so kind as to conduct our forthcoming performance?

While my companion here is eager and willing to ascend to the stage with me, this will be her first such endeavor. Mind you, I, too, cannot lay claim to having sung a duet with a chocobo before.

Though she has only known you a short time, it is clear from the look in her eyes. She trusts you as much as anyone...her own master included. Were you to lead the performance, I have no doubt she would happily dance to your every instruction. Isn't that so?
Caroling Chocobo
Kweh! Kweh!
Just as I thought. So, what say you? Will you join us to make this Starlight a special one for my boy?
What will you say?
Let us make this a performance for the ages. Let's just have fun up there, yes?
Thank you, my friend! You truly are a saint. And with that, we should make for the amphitheatre. The others will want to be started any time now.
Does it surprise you that I agreed to be a part of the performance? Well, it should not. I have talents beyond bow-bending, after all.
None other than Bowlord Lewin himself appointed me to my post, and our guild has cooperated with the Quiver ever since its inception. This Starlight performance shall be no exception.
I'll thank you not to tell anyone that the fearless leader of the White Rams will be taking the stage this Starlight.
Welcome back, friend! I see your mission was a success: Lartonphe and his charming little─or not-so-little, really─chocobo showed up not moments ago. I'm happy to report that I was also able to convince Nalipponcque to attend the show.

What's that? You'll be conducting the performance, you say? I knew you were a man of many talents, but I didn't expect you to volunteer yourself for this as well!

Still, I thank you, friend. We are ever in your debt. And with that, I do believe we are ready to get this show on the road. Whenever you would like to begin, simply speak the word.
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